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What Things Are questionable about the federation?


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It would be hard to motivate modern humans to work, in many cases, if they didn't need to. However, humans in the 24th century should (hopefully) realize that self-achievement is the most-worthwhile goal for people to strive toward. If so, I think the Federation would thrive, since its citizens were trying to achieve their highest potential, for their own self worth.

Plus, they would probably have robots to perform monotonous, routine or dangerous functions.

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Quote: Vger23 @ Oct. 21 2010, 5:05 am

I agree. The Prime Directive is absolutely necessary in some cases, and absolutely ridiculous in others. I think that's what makes it such a cool storytelling device!

Yes, I agree. I think that is why Picard and Kirk broke it so much!!! I too think that the Fed. is too human. Not enough races like Vulcans, Klingons, Andorians, and such. It needs to be less humanized. I think that is why it went from "no man" to "no one". It was just too human.

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i agree that it is too humanized but i find it ironic that everyhting is run by humans yet there prime minister is alien.....

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This is more Starfleet, but in starfleet utter jerks seem to become admirals -like that one that ordered Data's daughter off the Enterprise and the one that was in league with the Cardassians in TNG (can't remember episode).

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The federation isn't perfect, it's still a relative utopia. And just because there's no money that does not mean everyone gets everything they want. Its like living with your folks, they supply you with every you "need" and anything beyond that is based on how much you deserve. Basically you can live for free basically live like a person on welfare with everything supplied to you. If you want anything more than that, you need to volunteer for service. It's highly logical system, if you understand that the only thing of value is raw resources.  Everything else is completely worthless. It's really hard to explain if you can't understand the value of resources. 


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I think Section 31 is Starfleet's version of the CIA; Section 31 will do whatever it takes to protect Federation security, just like the CIA protects the U.S., Section 31 doesn't follow the same "Rules of Engagement" that the rest of the Federation must abide with, just like the CIA has been accused of precipitating or exacerbating conflicts around the world and playing with an open ended rule book.

All in all I'd much rather live in the Federation, knowing that all of mankind has access to education, food, medicine, etc... not to mention you can enlist in Starfleet and explore the cosmos on advanced starships.


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I think I would like to see it from a guy's point of view, who lives off main street in an apartment facing away from the river. Who is not in Starfleet. Like Janeways crew on that planet where they were factory workers.


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I question where half their admirals come from. The only decent admiral ever shown was Admiral Ross.

Seriously, they're all douche's

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