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Star Trek Tours in Texas


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Well, I got a response from Creation Con. It was very generic: "Hi XXXXX, We have no plans at this time for a Trek convention in Houston. If you’re on Creation’s Trek email list -- -- you’ll get an announcement when new shows are scheduled. XXXXXX"  Creation Entertainment Customer Service 818-409-0960 ext. 226 M-F, 9-5pm PST

At least they responded, so we just have to keep our fingers crossed



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Leonard Nimoy is appearing at the Dallas Comic Con May 21-22.

J Kirk In Texas

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>I tell ya, Houston has been dead as far as Star Trek Conventions. I haven't been to one in Houston since the 90s. Creation Con use to put them on but everything has disappeared now. It was hard for me to make it to Plano with work/family commitments. I can't imagine why there are no more Trek conventions in Houston?! Houston does host Comicpalooza every year. Marina Siritis is scheduled to be a guest this year again. So here is the link:


Awesome thank you so much. Although i wouldn't go just for one actor although they have tony todd to so it is sort of cool.
No problem, yeah so far it's just Marina Sirtis. I tried emailing Creation Con entertainment and asked if they will ever come to Houston again. If I hear something, I will share it. In the mean time here is their link for events...and yes Houston missed the mark again.

Well lets just keep hoping.


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This thread is relevant to my interests and location.

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