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who's your favorite security officer

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Created by: matthewcovey79


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Worf and Tuvok are my favorites.  I love the idea of a Vulcan security officer; completive and introspective, yet a bad-ass.  And of course, who wouldn't want a Klingon keeping order on board a starship?


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Worf for sure, wasn't Chekov security officer for a while?


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Odo, because he was just so by the book and just had such a strong sense of right and wrong, and such a moral person.

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I have to say Worf. It just seems natural that a Klingon should be in charge of security.

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I voted Tuvok, because he was able to investigate, solve mysteries, and secure the ship.  Worf while an excellent securtity offcier, I dont rememebr him solving crimes or proving the innocence of crew members.

Reed was ecellent as well  being the first one he had to write the book.

Left out Odo because I know nothing about him.


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I went with Odo, I love his sense of Justice. Now Worf I also liked, but frankly I like him more as the Strategic Operations Officer. Tuvok I also liked, Malcolm wasn't to bad and I guess Tasha wasn't to bad, I just don't really like her acting.

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Worf is the best at everything, yea he's my favourite character ever, but Odo is a close seccond, the Tuvok then Reed, but I don't care about Yar, she left in season 1 so she means nothing.


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Odo is my favorite with Worf a very close second

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Ah! Worf or Tuvok! I guess I'll go with Tuvok, but come on; Worf is WAY too cool!

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Malcom Reed,that's just because i'm English as well,and can relate to him on that level


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we'll i'll pick reed. he can fight, shoot, and lead a squad of commandos
tasha yar was good lookin but she was mediocre
worf was ok.
odo is good
tuvok is not shabby

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tuvok is the coolest for me


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Odo. He did everything his way, at times ignoring Starfleet protocol. He knew what was right & wrong. Whatever Quark was scheming Odo would always be there to stop him. I liked it when they all called him Constable. He was a changling, a god to the Jem H'dar but he choose to remain as chief of security.

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i liked that odo could shapeshift, but i think they could have gotten a more attractive person to play his role

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