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Worst Canon Kit-bash Ship

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Created by: Matthias Russell

Matthias Russell

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Report this Oct. 15 2010, 7:31 pm

I know kit-bashing is a cheap and efficient way to have filming models, but some of them were just plain hideous and an insult to the beauty of Starfleet ships.  Often, I thought, why build a kit bash when you have a perfectly good pre-existing studio model and how much variety does the federation need?


I find the Yeager to be the most hideous, combining the Monogram Maquis Raider and Voyager kits.  For some reason, I love the Constellation and Soyuz.


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Report this Oct. 16 2010, 8:54 pm

I actually like the Constellation and Nebula classes.  I must say that the Yeager is the worst kit-bash ever!  That ship was a horrible mistake.  The Centaur was passable, but as with most kit-bashes, they should have just used a pre-existing ship class like the Excelsior or Miranda.

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