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Star Wars vs. Star Trek


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No you are the one ignoring it took a combination trick and assasination to get them invovled.  The rest are nothing but clandestine attempts that may or may not have been approved by the Romulan Government at large.

I am not ignoring a damn thing, i am only pointing out that given the fact that the Romulans, on three seperate occations (if you don't count them letting the federation use a cloaking device on the Defiant), where they proved that they were against the dominion even entering the Alpha/Beta Quadrants. In fact you are the one that is ignoring that little fact.

It would depend on the reason as long as it made sense and was backed up by something in the show not wild speculation like most of you trash.

Thank you for confirming what i said then, because there is no reason that can be backed up by canon. as for my speculations, you are not one to talk with your fanboy calculation BS that you are always trying to pass off as real.

He was specifcally told by Picard not to operatie it even better is when the same guy just WALKS ON TO THE BRIDGE AND THE TWO GOLD SHIRTS JUST STAND THERE AND WATCH HIM WALK BY.

First off, he didn't use the comm system after picard requested that he not use it. and second, in case you didn't notice EVERYONE on the bridge was a little preoccupied by the possible threat of a ROMULAN WARBIRD, so it was hardly neglagence on the part of the security officers.

If they DO NOT PARTICIPATE in the chase then why shouldn't we assume they are operational and the vary nature of docking means the ship is not operational when docked.

Nor should you assume that they are not there in the first place, something that you constantly do.

Except you ignored canon to make the time seem faster as you use real time instead of in universe times

How did i ignor canon? if i went with actual canon the trip would have lasted only 15 minutes, if that. if anything you are ignoring starwars canon on tavel times, especially since there is a huge deviation on travel times in the EU books.

How the hell did you come to that conclustion?   

I came to that based on your own assertions on this subject, that it would take at least 4 hours to reach the appature if it was half a lightyear out, or are you now going to deny that you said that?

We clearly see the starfleet personnel on Earth detecting the appature opening and we clearly see the fleet from earth reach the appature before voyager.

Then i guess that you are wrong about the travel times then.

The thing you are missing is the fact that the appature can STAY OPEN.

Where is it stated that it stays open, after all we clearly see it close after the sphear leaves it.

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