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Your Favorite Engineering room

Admiral Zachary Kelly

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Main Engineering on USS Voyager

Admiral Zachary Kelly

Doc Boomstick

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I think the engine rooms in TNG and VOY were a little too clean. I liked how in the TOS movies the engine rooms looked more like the engine room of a ship or a large factory. They even had special suits to wear in case the conditions got nasty, I presume. TNG era engine rooms were basically just a place to look at the warp core, since all of those functions could be transferred to the bridge anyhow.


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The Enterprise-D is my favorite Main Engineering section.

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Matthias Russell

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No one seems to understand realism and practicality like Jefferies and Drexler. Their design notes were very intuitive.

Jean-Paul Sacy

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Definitely Voyager's :-)

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Not the nu1701 for sure!!


Amen! Gotta go with 1701-E.

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