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Your Favorite Engineering room

DS9 GreenCruiser

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Which out off all the ships is your favorite Engine room for me its the one in Voyeger . Its cool and high tech and well laid out . I liked that warp core too .

Matthias Russell

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I think the NX, defiant, and E made the most sense to me here. Going to go with NX FTW. Carpet in engineering made no sense to me. Voyager bothered me too cause I saw no intermix chamber with it's branching power conduits. I did like how Intrepids carry a spare warp core.


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I liked the one from TMP/TWOK. Big and functional looking.


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I can't say what engineering room I like best. I havn't seen every engineering room in every ship in the entire galaxy! There are vast quantities of starships presented in Star Trek, but it doesn't always show the engineering room in all of them.

(I do like the one in the Galaxy Class and the one in the NX)


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I like the retro one in the NX Enterprise. They basically just painted the reactor a coppery/bronzy color and flipped it on its side.


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I agree that Voyager had a pretty awesome engineering room.  I also like the Enterprise engineering room ca. TWOK.


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I like the alternate enterprise engine room, it looks massive, also it looks like a brewery.

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DS9 GreenCruiser

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Quote: /view_profile/ @

The TOS Engine Room - Mainly cause it looked industrial and like a power plant. The TMP & TWOK cores - Cause they looked more sci-fi industrial and you could sort of imagine them fitting into TOS, but were hidden by all the machinery but Federation tech had evolved to finally make things a little more safe; radiation suits aside. Never cared for the 1701-D's engine room. Looked to small for a ship that size and didn't really "work" in sending the message that it was powerful.

Cool nice to see what other people think . I liked the Enterprise D engine room myself though it was pleanty big and advanced at the same time it has too be big but not too big . I though it had a nice big room and looked powerfull but still prefer Voyagers .

Fire Disruptors


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i like voyagers best

John Woods

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for me it has to be the NX-01,although voyagers engine room is cool


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Voyager -it has a pretty warp core.

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I quite liked the Voyager's (Intrepid Class) and Enterprise-D's (Galaxy-Class) engine rooms. I don't really look at function, I look at more asthetics.

Matthias Russell

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In an engine room, who cares if you can quickly access vital systems our even have an out put so long as it looks nice, right? Maybe hang some pictures on the wall.

That set should look as realistic as possible, and even a little dirty.


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Warp Enginne Room from Star Trek TMP and TWOK.



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I like the Galaxy class' engine room - and I really like "pool table" that was used all the time - very useful.

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