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Which series should I watch next?

Thot Gor

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Hi everyone. I'm new to these boards. I was just wondering if you had some suggestions on which series I should start next...I've watched all of Voyager and all of DS9 so far...

 I like the kind of episode where the military aspect of Star Trek is present and/or episodes with a lot of drama or conflict. Don't get me wrong, I like the "scientific pehnomena" episodes too, I just like drama a bit more. With that in mind, any suggestions? Thank you!

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DS9 GreenCruiser

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Id say watch The Original series next you should like it the storys are well written and its good fun I won,t say much more or Il end up ruining it for you . You seem to be watching it backwords lol they really should have been the last two too watch . You still have Enterprse too watch as well I say watch that after the Original series and then watch The Next Generation . Do enjoy the first time,s always the best .

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Data Logan

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If you are really into the military stuff, Enterprise (specifically the 3rd season) is your best bet after seeing all of DS9 like you have.

But if you want a more general opinion; watch TOS. It really sets the tone and there are plenty of really good military episodes like Balance of Terror and Errand of Mercy, where the Federation almost/actually goes to war with a major race.

Thot Gor

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Thanks a lot to both of you for the input! I took your advice and started to watch TOS right away . I just finished watching "The Cage" lol... those Talosians sure put Pike in a pickle!

It's so funny tho how the main Talosian, with his/her big brain, can't figure out that if he sneaks through a little door in the cell to get the phasers he might wake them up loll

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