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Baby Rene Picard-Crusher


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I need some help... in the last issue of the Star Trek magazine (the one with Patrick Stewart on the cover) they talk about the forthcoming books around the Typhon Pact - including one next year about TNG. In an article they present in short "what about" and they explain about the married couple Jean-Luc and Beverly, who has become the mother of their son Rene.... Picard. Where does that story continues? I mean, I read the last TNG book "Losing the peace" of 2009, where Beverly is still carrying the child. And I believe none new books about the continuation of her pregnancy were written of TNG till now, not??? So in which one did she gave birth than? Did I miss a book somewhere in the meantime or will it be told in the TNG Typhon book? At the same moment the Rikers were also expecting a baby girl, of whom that story was told in the Titan series and the book "Synthesis", if I'm not mistaken... so I know how that ended. I always loved the characters of Jean-Luc and Beverly during the series (and a pitty it wasn't more explored throughout the movies!!!) and now in the post-TNG period with the books I was happy to read about their marriage finally and furthermore they becoming parents, so I'm very curious to read about the moment the baby is in fact born. Thanks therefore to give me a clue in which book that part of the story is concluded, so I can update my TNG book collection.

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Losing the Peace was the most recent TNG book. If they skipped the birth before Typhon Pact, fine by me. I don't need a book about that. I've seen both my kids born and have no desire to read about it. Let the couple gave a peaceful, uneventful, and anonymous time starting their family, they've earned it.


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In the book Star Trek Online: Needs Of The Many, they talk about both Riker and Troi's daughter and with Picard and Crushers son.

It's not a bad book, but I didn't really start getting hooked until midway through.

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Woah, woah, way too far ahead! lol I've only just begun to read the TNG books, so I'm nowhere near what you guys are talking about! It's just a good thing that I usually don't mind spoilers. They actually make me want to push ahead even faster so that I can get as far as you are. =)

And I am very happy to hear that Jean-Luc and Beverly get married and have a child in the future. It's so good to hear. I only wish that they also have a daughter like the Rikers. Although, you never know. It could still happen...

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This is why the non-canon novels can be such garbage.



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The Picards and the Rikers are both expecting children in the Destiny series.

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I have been trying to figure it out as well, which book this happens in. I am still back several books, but I just want to know.

Gotta say, though, I'm kind of bummed that the rikers have a girl and the picards have a boy. I always imagined the opposite would happen. Also, Rene? That's kind of a bummer, too. I was hoping their child would have a more interesting name. I don't think they should have named their son after Picard's nephew. Especially with Marie Picard still alive, that would just make it awkward. If you're going to name your child after a family member, you pick someone that is older, like a grandparent. You don't name them after a deceased child!

The person who decided to name this child wasn't thinking clearly. They also weren't thinking in character.


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Not the one to ask aaae! I only just started reading the pocket books.


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Can I just say, crusherfan3 I love your signature pic! 


I agree, there's no way Picard would name his child Rene, what with

a) Marie being still alive!! how many awkward family get-togethers would that cause?

b) emotional baggage.


Hopefully the writers will be a little more sensitive and inventive with the next kid  Perhaps they could have a girl and name it after one of Beverly's relatives? Felisa or Isobel maybe?

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Sensitive and inventive? This isn't unheard of in real life, or fiction for that matter. I would think Marie would be honored that Jean Luc loved her son so much to give him a legacy.


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Are you saying you wouldn't feel uncomfortable if you had a child that died, then your brother-in-law used the same name? Personally, I think that would be too weird for me. Even without Marie, I'm just not sure Picard would use the name considering how much Rene's death affected him.

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i think it was a good story line. it was a continuation of the picard/beverly story line. i also liked how the book didn't focus on it.

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