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Voyager: full episodes


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When are they going to give us some full episodes of Voyager on this site?


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No idea, but try this website,

You can also type in other Star Trek series if you havn't seen them yet.

captain saavik

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wait do they have next gen on on demand on here cuz thats the only one i havent seen all of i dont think


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the only ones on this site that you can see full episodes is TOS and ENT. i dont know why the others dont have full episodes. because right now im watching enterprise and then i was going to watch ds9 but cant now because all they have is stupid previews and no full episodes.


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Star Trek site should have all the Star Trek series episodes!!! It's logical!! I'm sure Spock would find this site illogical!! (Love you all!)

Star Trek! It seems that I have loved it for all my life!!!I always loved Captain James T. Kirk and all the crew from all the following starships, too!! It's such a wonderful futuristic vision for mankind!! I will love them all forever!!!


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Are they going to allow canadians to watch episodes on this site?

Nope. They hate canadians

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