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You fan what sci-fi series?

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Created by: Doctor_Bashir


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My faves are Star Trek and Star Wars. I didn't vote though, only because I cannot pick between the two of them. It's just not possible lol.

I used to really like LOST, but the end made me mad. Oh, and for all of you wondering; Yes, LOST is a sci-fi series. They play it on Sy-Fy all the time, and if that wasn't enough it IS officially classified as a sci-fi series.

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Star trek, of course. But a close second in SG though I really don't think SGU is all that good.


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Quote: DS9TREK @ Oct. 12 2010, 3:16 pm

Other: Doctor Who.
Same here, and Star Trek


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Shockingly, most people on chose Star Trek as their favorite sci-fi series.


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