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"Before and After" episode


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I thought it was a great kes episode.


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"Before and After" was definitely my favorite Kes episode and in my top ten episodes for Voyager. The best aspect of any time travel movie or tv episode is all about the possibilities. Going backwards through Kes' life was so awesome, being able to see her kids and who she ended up with. Unraveling as the episode went along how one thing led to another.

I would love to talk to a writer, director, or producer to find out what happened when "Year of Hell" came around. Why did they completely omit Kes from any dialogue or why it seemed like the crew completely forgot that "Before and After" ever happened.

Matthias Russell

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After that episode, I couldn't wait to see what the year of hell would be. YOH was itself amazing, loved seeing the ship beat up and falling apart, and I wondered, how are they going to fix her up. But then, the timeline was reset. So no one remembered what happened. Trek or no, I hate stories where in the end no one remembers what happened. If it then 'never happened' how did those in the future know about it, except, oh yeah, it was another alternate timeline. Cause without effect revitalizes the sacrifices of alternate timeliness.

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