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Your favorite episode's


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What was your favorite episodes and why?


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My favorite episodes were first flight, shuttlepod one, a night in sick bay, and catwalk. because they were more character driven episodes and showed how they had to make due without all the tech. the other series would have had. The reason first flight was my favorite is one it was the first episode i seen and it showed the struggles they faced to keep a dream alive and how they proved that they were willing to do anything to succeed which may have started the spock put it "facing fear, fear in the certain face of death" which j.g did when he tested the first worp flight.


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Observer Effect. Always wanted a Trip/Hoshi episode.

Ponfo mirann.


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The fourth season is gold, but season one's "Vox Sola" ranks with the best episodes from across all the series. Every character contributes, and the drama stems from a creature without hostile intent. It's a classic Roddenberry story.


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Favorite for what? Apples & oranges!

First Flight--that much MORE of the history of this time period I was so geeked to see on-screen.

Zero Hour was edge-of-my-seat. Observer Effect showed us that PARTICULAR human strength that made them an early success, for the most part, with the vastly alien species. Carbon Creek was chills-down-your-spine history from the Vulcan POV, and quiet but deep insight into T'Pol.

Home gave us insight to many of the crew, and was both heart-breaking and triumphant. The Vulcan arc was a PERSONAL favorite for the Vulcan history involved.

Demons/Terra Prime was just about perfect in ALL ways! Great Trek & Trek's talent for character exposition, great drama & action, great pathos, great moral questions, great sci-fi.

Well...I'm here


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Mirror darkness part 2 .Thank to mirror Hoshi I have better defense deal young Aisa women so defense against over poewr feel more effective. Enterprise -

 Vanishing Point .the reason love this one I have pled the 5th I do want problem on this board.

 thrid favorit is Enterprise - The Xindi love how MACO deal those slaver labors.

John Woods

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Mauraders,Shockwave part 1 and 2,regneration,the Andorian incident,desert crossing,future tense,judgement and carpenter street


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My fave episodes are;

Cogenitor-just a great episode,Connor and Scott are brilliant in this!!

Desert Crossing-I love the friendship between Trip and Archer,plus both are topless!!

Observer Effect- I like Hoshi,and this is a good episode for her!

Demons/Terra Prime- when Trip is crying at the end of Terra Prime and T'pol takes his hand nearlymakes me cry!!!


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my favorite has to be well i have two in a mirror darkly witch is a remake from mirror,mirror from the original series. 2nd carpenter st topal is excellent in this one may i add one more  carbon creek another great acting job by jolene, i miss this show so much : (

star trek fan all my life

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