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who is your fav character on the next generation?

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Created by: basshunt1


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LCD... because of your GIF signature, I thought you might like this...


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Roboto lmao! toooo funnny love it!!

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I would have to say Picard just because I love Patrick Stewart but its pretty tied up with Data. Then beverly, trio, geordi, riker and worf are tied for last idk never got to really like either of them very much, not that I dislike them, they just exist.

(I think I'm turning into Lore my eye/face keeps twitching!)

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Data, no question. As a kid, he got me watching the show and ended up changing my life in more ways than I can say. I 'll have to say Picard comes in second, and after that there are a lot of ties.  

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data, riker, crusher, and troi.


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Data and Gordie are tied. (Mainly because they are best friends)

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