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Best Voyager episode?


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also loved Author, Author

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hard to choose, but rightnow I would say most of the season 5 episodes because there was lot of seven of nine in them.Seven made me cry in "Drone", but made me laugh in "Night" when she stops the robot in the holodeck. I loved the entire show really.


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Year of Hell pt 1 and 2, Endgame, and can't remember the name but the one in the future where Chakotay and Harry go back to the ship where its been frozen in ice for years.


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Quote: vibece @ Oct. 08 2010, 9:05 am

Every episode was good. but i liked the ending when Chakotay and 7/9 got together

You thought even THRESHOLD was good?

Anyway,my favourites would be Scorpion PT:2,Equinox,Latent Image,Basics,Someone top watch over me,and Endgame.

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Quote: Matthias Russell @ Dec. 22 2010, 5:15 am

Quote: Spot_Data's_Cat @ Dec. 21 2010, 10:49 pm

I loved Basics, endgame, bride of chaotica and the killing game.
Bride of chaotica? Please explain your reasoning.

My feeble reasoning is because it was funny. I also like the idea of the subspace-dwelling life forms.

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Someone To Watch Over Me is my favorite.  It took a break from all the action and really focused on giving us insight into Seven.  I thought there was excellent character development in this episode.  I also enjoyed the episodes like Pathfinder that featured Troi and Barclay.  Always good to see old faces!

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My short list: Gravity, Timeless, Shattered, Scientific Experiment, Counterpoint, Basics Part 1 & 2, Resolutions, Blink of an Eye, Learning Curve, Blood Fever, Drive, Riddles and Workforce Part 1 & 2.


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I have several favorites: Future's End, Dark Frontier, Relativity, Twisted, Shattered, Endgame, Scorpion.  I've watched Relativity so often that if the actors ever forget their lines, I could cue them!  There's one scene where 7 of 9 is looking at the camera into the area where the disrupter is going to be put, minus the Borg stuff, that she looks just like my daughter.  I do have to admit that Jeri has a better figure than my daughter, however.


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"Equinox" was the best episode of VOY, because it showed the flaw in how VOY was conceptually executed.

The crew of Voyager should have been more like the crew of Equinox.


A small weak ship never intended for deep space missions struggling week after week to survive, and having to make moral judgements which slowly moved them away from Starfleet principles and towards survivalism.

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For me it has to be Equinox one of the best!

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