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Wormhole minefield


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The dominion had 2,800 ships waiting to come through. Even if they mined the entrance several layers deep, you'd have to figure based on how close they were to each other, that one ship would set off half a dozen of them. That also doesn't take into account mines that detonate because of the adjacent mine going off, causing a cascade. Just look at the episode where they were laying the minefield. They were way too close together!

If fifty ships hit that minefield at the same time, How many would really be capable of replicating? Those ships would be moving a high impulse most likely, so it would be like a swarm of bee's. I'd say too many mines would be destroyed in the first 30 seconds to be effective. At most they'd lose maybe a hundred ships or less, depending on whether they were the big cruisers or fighters.

Matthias Russell

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Check the ds9 boards, we were discussing this a few weeks back.
I personally never thought the mines made sense. I don't see how a mine makes an identical mine. It would be a massive energy drain and would have to have to create something identical in size. Can a replicator make a replicator?
I agree with what you say about a fleet even more! If several ships crash through the mine field and take out, say a third of the field in seconds, how do the remainder instantly fill the gap? It is tech magic at its best!

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