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Created by: vulcan7


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I heard about lucas bringing all his movies back in3D,What about trek?.


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Still don't like 3D, Avatar did not impress me.


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Lucus, rura' pente'Daq chuch ngevIaH ghaH.

bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'.


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As an alternate choice, it would be good. I still prefer the regular movie going experience.

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I hope that they don't and continue to tell stories, substance over greed

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Not a remaster like lucas is doing. None of the movies had the epic visuals like start wars did where 3d would make that much of a difference. I wouldn't go to a rerelease.


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YES!! Star Trek in 3-D would be totally bad ass if done right. Phaser fire and torpedoes coming off screen! Not to mention the explosion, what about the Enterprise ramming the Schimatar in Nemesis!!

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The prior movies were not shot with 3D cameras,
so the 3D effect would make the people look like
they were magazine cutouts, which would not be cool.
The FX they might get to look OK in 3D. In any event,
it's a medium STAR TREK hasn't tried yet and should ...


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I could see Star Trek in 3D, just as long as it's new ones filmed not a makeover of old ones.

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Matthias Russell

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We all would like new ones in 3d, especially if they up the ante on epic space battles. The question is about remasters like lucas is doing.

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