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Who do you want as the computer voice?


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I think they should just recycle Majel's recording from Voyager "Tenor, Tinker, Doctor, Spy,"

and change it from Doctor to.... JJ last chance to be a get moving!


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No one can ever replace Majel Barret Roddenberry, but if I had to choose I'd say Nichelle Nichols.

Or like others have said, they could just reuse the clips.

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OR! go with someone completely un Trek related and use David Tennant.

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Since the computer normally only speaks a few set phrases, it shouldn't be too hard to recycle Majel Barrett's lines from earlier episodes/films. For the ones they can't, I'd want somebody who can do a close approximation of her voice, because I can't imagine anybody else doing it.

Of course,t hey re-imagined the crew, s re-imagining the computer might not be as hard as I thought.


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I'm sure they have enough recorded material to use Majel Barret Rodenberry's voice forever, and I think she had the best computer voice.  If they were forced to record new material, I think Nichelle Nichols would be the best choice. She's got a great voice and using a trek alumna would be ideal.


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How about Joe Peshie: "We got some little rat weasel comming into range, i recommend we put a dent in three of his @%$#!*&^ Heads".

 But seriousely, resurecting dead actors would not be so bad as you think, their estates would have to be given the finnal word on their use and a commission for the use of their likeness and voice, and besides we are talking about men and women who were actively supportive of the program, can you think of a better way to keep legends alive?.

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You know who's got a sexy voice...? Kathryn Erbe from L&O:CI she could do it!

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