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Deep Space Nine - did you love or hate it ?

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Created by: PELADON


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Report this Jan. 24 2011, 12:15 pm

I love it, DS9 was the first StarTrek show i had chance to watch from the very first season 1 premier episode to the final epsiode. I started watching TNG around the season 4 and continue watch it to it final epsiode. Sense i wasnt born when the TOS was on the air, i got into it by watching the reruns of it and i still watch the reruns of all the Trek shows when they show them.


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How can anyone hate another brilliant series of Star Trek?

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At first I was scandalised because it was not on a starship, and avoided the show, but I was really bored one day and watched "Emissary" just to see what it was like. I then watched a couple of other episodes and I began to quite like DS9, but to me some episodes can still be a bit slow, and I sometimes miss the space exploration concept, but I was introduced to some of my favourite characters, Bashir and Jadzia. It's not my favourite Trek series, but I don't hate it.

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Report this Mar. 30 2011, 1:19 pm

I loved it for the most part; though I hated how involved it often became in the Bajoran religion. It was a nice change from the usual Trek format. It also had some wonderfully 3-dimensional characters, which I thought TNG lacked. Not to mention the hoardes of Cardassian regulars


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DS9 has always been my favorite series.  One thing I don't understand is how some people can HATE it.  Even I didn't like Voyager at first, but now that I've gone back and rewatched the show I can say that it's not bad at all.  I think that all things Trek are awesome.  


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Report this Mar. 31 2011, 5:29 pm

Loved it.

Especially Quark, Odo, and plain simple Garak.


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I think DS9 is the best star trek series. It had character development and most of the episodes was far above star trek avarege. But i didn't like the ferengi episodes, they where even worse then the worst voyager episodes.


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I have to say, sort of in between. I didn't really connect with the characters enough to keep watching past the 5th season.

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I thought DS9 was a good series because it went places that the other Trek's didn't. Deep Space Nine featured some of the heavier topics, like war and religion, that the other series' didn't seem to feature. The writers did an excellent job on the majority of the episodes; I was equally impressed by the serious ones and the funnier ones. I also liked the series for the simple fact that they were set on a space station, and not on a starship. The arrival of the Defiant was a useful addition to the series, I felt, and so I didn't mind it. DS9 also had one of the best themes of all the Series', with its theme being topped only by Voyager's.

For me, I think it was the differences between DS9 and the other Trek series' that has kept me watching (I'm not finished the series yet). DS9 may not be my favorite series, but it is up there on my list.

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I loved it, one of my favorite aspects of Star Trek is all the different species and how they interact. Trek in general is often 80-90% human with token aliens as part of the crew. DS9 was mostly aliens with humans mixed in and I loved that Starfleet didn't call the shots they were administration, Bajorans called the shots and there were complexe social and political tides that needed to be navigated.

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