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Deep Space Nine - did you love or hate it ?

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Created by: PELADON


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I loved it, at first, because of the promise
of an entirely different kind of STAR TREK.
And, though not as far as they could've gone,
they did seem to make efforts toward that end.

I hated it after, because it began incorporating
the tried and true formula again, to keep on the
Gravy Train: They too, have a starship, now. They have
Worf on board, Klingons become series regulars ...
ONCE AGAIN!!! Jesus, I hated that, so god damn BAD!!!

And the shows were never as cool as they could be, even
with more money put in them later. Like the whole drama
with DuKat and Wynn ... everything about that just sucked!
Ahhh, yes ... it all comes flooding back ... all of it.


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Loved it, Nuff Said!

Warp Speed Sir? Turn it to 11 Mr. Worf!


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I loved it for its darker side .

bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'.


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It was OK... I found it like a big soap opera/bazaar floating in space, although in later episodes they did go places on the Defiant. A bit too slow for my taste.


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Strange quastions. Of course i love this series. In this series have excellent personages, some Odo and Quark. Me like dark side story federation planet. I enjoy, whatch this series. Very love this dominion story( 3-7 seasons). But cardassion line with first to two seasons me too like.

live long and prosper.


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I used to be such a hater with regard to DS9 because it wasn't about expoling it was about characters. But once I actually started watching I got gripped. So as you are asking me now rather than 2 years ago I say "I love it"

All I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by


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I love DS9. At first, I didn't particularly enjoy it, preferring the more exploration-based shows. However, I soon grew to enjoy it, and the long story arcs make it more interesting, in my opinion, than other series, as they allow characters and plots to unfold over time rather than being wrapped up in "alien of the week" episodes.

It is very different to other Star Trek series, so fans are bound to treat it like Marmite (which I actually don't feel strongly about, in defiance of the adverts) to an extent.

Deep Space Nine managed to keep its plot refreshing and interesting, unlike other series. Voyager, for example, had some excellent episodes, but in mid-season it often got rather repetitive (some strange aliens are doing science on the ship, the crew fight them off; the ship meets a new alien species which doesn't want them in their space . . . )

And DS9 has Ezri!


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For me personally DS9 was a bit of feast or famine.  Some of the DS9 episodes were outstanding, usually the ones dealing with the Dominion war.  But I found many of the so called character development episodes mind numbing boring.    

Like I said some episodes made me go WOW that was awesome, but many of the episodes (especially in the first two seasons) made me go “why did I watch this again”.

So I choose Neither love or hate, not knocking those that thought this was the best show ever, just sometimes it fell a bit flat for my taste.


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Quote: Dbear1 @ Sep. 25 2010, 7:35 am

I found many of the so called character development episodes mind numbing boring.

Character development is what made DS9 unique. I understand that some people wouldn't like it, but I enjoyed watching the characters evolve. DS9 explored the many faces of war—there's more to it than starship battles and phaser fire, and DS9 did a great job of showing the effect the war can have on people (episodes like "The Siege of AR-558" and "IT's Only a Paper Moon" are excellent examples of this), but to do that they needed realistic, rounded, characters.
I found DS9's character development episodes far, far, more interesting than Voyager's mid-season "There are invisible aliens doing experiments on us!" episodes (not that Voyager wasn't a great series—it was—it just got slightly repetitive at times).


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I watched it, as with all trek, when it was on, but subsequently got away from it. I don't hate it, of course not. I'm just not into it, but, it was a well-written series, something I was recently reminded of watching a clip on youtube. It had a broader if specified canvas, exploring several species within its celluloid walls, as it were. I will say that I was among those who was pleased, when the Defiant pulled up to dock.DS9 needed a ship, as far as I was concerned, but the nature of her was not to explore, though they did do some of that in places. Maybe that's part of why I didn't remain as into DS as the others, I don't know. Avery Brooks is a good actor, and a great guy.He lead with strength, as did all the Trek captains, and played a fine father.

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I liked DS9. But I like all of the Star Trek shows. True, there are some episodes that aren't all that great, but that happened on all of them. And they each had some really excellent episodes!

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I posted this often. DS9 got creepy in the last series. Jadzia was a big miss; that ending with 'Sisko?'
Don't ever do one in ST unless there is a follow-up? How long has it been now?

It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.


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I love it, in my opinion is the best trek series of all for several reasons. a war conflict involved the major superpowers of the quadrants alpha / beta and a another superpower from quadrant gamma as the dominion, simply epic.


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I loved it. It got off to a bit of a slow start and I didn't always care for the Pah-Wraiths/ Emissary stories, but all in all a great series in my opinion.




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I thought they did a great job with the stories,from hunting down terrorists,to O'Brian trying to get a Pah Wraith out of his wife's body.Great show Good Job!

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