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Who would you like to be in an elevator with?

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Created by: Stefan290790


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I would love to have a private chat with an android!

If there is nothing wrong with me, then maybe there´s something wrong with the universe? -Dr. Crusher


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Worf is my favourite character in TNG/DS9, but I'd be too scared to say anything. If Troi was in there I'd be too busy staring at her boobs to say anything. I think I'd go with Data or Geordi. Data would be interesting to talk to, and Geordi would be easy to talk to.


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Deanna Troi did have a great pair!
Actually, she was nice and curvy,
she wasn't afraid to eat like a
normal person. What a shame she
started wearing a regular uniform.
Her little catsuits were appreciated!


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Data of course. But then again I wouldn't mind Dr. Beverly Crusher because I like her profession as a doctor.

"If you prick me, do I not leak?" -Data


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If I got stuck in the torbo lift with Data, I would try to find out exactly how many sexual techiques he is programed.

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