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Ultimate Star Trek Crew


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The Ultimate Star Trek crew:

Captain Jonathan Archer - Ships Captain

Sub Commander T'Pol - 1st Officer/Science

Lt Commander Jadzia Dax - Helm

Lt Commander Worf - Tactical

Lt Commander Montgomery Scott - Chief Engineer

Seven of Nine - Astro-metrics

Odo - Chief of Security

Counselor Deanna Troi - Ships counselor

Dr Leonard McCoy - Chief of Medical

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Data Logan

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Picard - Captain (level-headed, thinks of big picture)
Kirk - First Officer (going on most away missions; much better than Riker)
Data - Operations Officer (he's so capable of keeping many things straight and will help out First Officer Kirk with all the paperwork)
Spock - Science Officer
Janeway/Dax/Seven of Nine - Also in Sciences, but under Spock
Ro - Tactical Officer
Odo - Internal Security Chief
Kira - Away Team Security
La Forge - Helm (Paris may be more capable, but I like Geordi's personality better, and he could help out in other engineering areas when needed)
Sato - Communications Officer (although Uhura would probably be more useful on away missions)
Scotty - Chief Engineer
McCoy - Chief Medical Officer
EMH - Medical Emergency Back-Up
Deanna Troi - Counselor
Nelix - Chef and Moral Officer


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captain-New Captain Kirk
first officer/communications-Dax
science officer-Data
helsman/navigator- Sulu
chief security officer- Malcolm Reed
chief medical officer/counselor- EMH
chief engineer- Scotty

the ultimate star trek bridge crew. Also the ship they'll be on is the new USS Enterprise NCC-1701

"take us out"...

Data Logan

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See this in relation to new string on Dream Crews


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captain- Picard ( experience )
first officer- T'pol ( Someone to bring logic and reason to the captain )
communications- Sato ( she could speak alien language without UT)
science officer- 7 of 9 ( nothing beats Borg perfection )
helsman/navigator- Paris ( excellent pilot)
chief security officer- Janeway (strong and cunning yet lovely )
chief medical officer/counselor- Julian ( he's augmented )
chief engineer- Tores ( can't beat a klingon at her post )


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Captain - Picard
1st Officer - Kirk
Helm - Mr. Sulu
Tactical - Worf
Engineer - Mr. Scott
Counselor - Troi
Medical - McCoy

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Captain: Picard 1st Officer:Spock Science Officer:Spock and Jadzia Tactical: Janeway. Helm: Tom Paris Data: Operations Engineer: Scotty Medical: Bones and Bashir Security: Tuvok

"Life tiny little life precious little life forms...where are you?" -Data

Matthias Russell

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I like Calhoun's crew just the way it is, especially now that Dr Selar is dead. But I would want janos back.


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Captain : Janeway


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1Captain : Riker,2 First officer: New Kirk,3 Helm : Tom Paris,4 Ops: Nog,5 Cheif Engineer : Obrien,6 Science officer: 7 of 9,7 Medical officer: Hologram, 8 Tactical Officer Alexander Rojenko


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My Ultimate Trek Crew:
Starship: USS Voyager NCC-74656

Captain: Benjamin Sisko
Executive Officer: Jonathan Archer
Chief Tactical Officer: Worf
Chief of Security: Odo
Chief Medical Officer: Julian Bashir
Chief Engineer: B'Elaana Torres
Chief Science Officer: Seven of Nine
Chief Communications Officer: Hoshi Sato
Chief Ops Officer: Data
Chief Conn Officer: Tom Paris
Counselor: Deanna Troi
Chief Morale Officer: Neelix


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Captain- Jonathon Archer

First Officer-Will Riker

Helm-Tom Paris

Science Officer-Spock


Chief Engineer- Trip Tucker

Communications-Hoshi Sato



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captain: janeway

number one: riker

science officer: data

helm: sulu

engineer: geordi

tactical: worf

ship counselor: troy

medical: EMH

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What a great question.

Captain- Jon Archer- Good at thinking on his feet. He never did get to sit much like the other ones.
First Officer- Jim Kirk- Best away team leader.
Chief Engineer- Scotty- He always knew how to bypass stuff.
Science officer- Spock with Jadzia and T'Pol for analysis.
Helm- Geordi- His visor could detect anamolies before he ran into them.
Operations- Data for obvious reasons.
Tactical- Doc from Voyager- He does have the entire tactical database incorporated into his matrix. Very convenient
Security chief would have to Worf though.
Communications- Hoshi Sato- love that girl.
Chief Medical Officer- Bones McCoy- Just ask the Horta.
Ship's counselor- I'll go with Deanna.
Ship's consort- Leeta

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