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Best ever (Non Star Trek) Space Ship


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A.Babylon 5 Vorlon Transport
B.2001 A space Odyssey.Discovery

C.Stewie Griffins Space Craft in Family Guy Brians,House of Payne.

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The ship used in the Planet of the Apes " Icarus" is still my favorite non Trek space craft.

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Moya from Farscape. Can't beat a living ship.

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The Lightjets in Tron:Legacy, though technically not a spaceship.

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Millenium Falcon. The Tiger Claw. Rodger Young

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I think the Whitestars (Babylon 5) are really cool:


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Does a silver surf board count? lol.

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The Discovery 1 from 2001 and the Alexei Leonov from 2010.

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I'm rather surprised that no one has mentioned the Cavorite Sphere, one of my alltime favorite spacecraft from H.G. Wells' "The First Men in the Moon"... The Sphere had the most extraordinary propulsion system called "Cavorite," an antigravity shielding, implemented through a system of retractable "shutters" positioned all around the Sphere.

When the shutters were deployed, the Cavorite Sphere was HURLED away from any source of gravity at a velocity INVERSE to the strength of the gravitational source.  So it instantaneously left the Earth's surface at an ever-increasing velocity of 90 feet per-second-per-second, sucking up a good portion of the surrounding property with it.  LOL

You steered the craft by alternately deploying and retracting the Cavorite shutters during spaceflight.

Unfortunately, for all the Cavorite Sphere's sophisticated propulsion technology, it thoroughly lacked any sophisticated LANDING GEAR aside from shock-absorbing struts, so the thing always landed hard and tumbled to a stop.  LOL


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