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Best Scene In Each Movie


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What is your favorite scene from each movie.

Please don't take this as an opportunity to b!tch, say something sarcastic or gripe about which movies you didn't like (resist the urge). Just simply list ONE scene from each Star Trek film that was your favorite.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture- The Klingons battle V'Ger...what a fantastic opening scene to this epic. It grabs you from the very beginning with the imagery, the music, and the great FX.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan- The Reliant sneak attack on the Enterprise. It was gut-wrenching to see the Enterprise get carved open by the Reliant's phasers...and the sense of danger and tension was very real.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock- Stealing the Enterprise from spacedock. At the time, the "crew as pirates" idea was very unique and very cool for Star Trek. This scene had the perfect mix of tension, fun, humor, music, and special FX.

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home- Revealing the Enterprise-A. I remember how stressed-out I was that the Enterprise was going to be replaced by the Excelsior. I was so happy to see the new Constitution-class Enterprise-A and Kirk's declaration "my friends, we've come home."

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier- Secret Pains / Approaching the Barrier. As much as this is a flawed film, this is one of my favorite sequences in all the Trek films. The character stuff in the observation lounge as Sybok attempts to break the "big three" down is great...and Kirk's declaration of "I NEED MY PAIN" really is a defining moment for that character.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country- Assasination of Gorkon. This scene was very tense and gripping when I first saw this film. It had a true sense of something historically significant taking place, and the mystery of WHO was responsible for Gorkon's murder was on. The "zero gee" assassination was a cool Trek first.

Star Trek Generations- Crash landing the Saucer Section. This scene still looks great to this day. No CGI...just awesome FX work and great action / tension. I really wanted to talk about Kirk and Picard talking in Idaho on their horses...but this really edged it out.

Star Trek: First Contact- Lilly confronts Picard. In a film filled with action, tension, and great special effects sequences...a simple actor vs. actress scene absolutely takes the cake. This is my favorite work of Patrick Stewart's, and it's a well-written, riviting scene. Alfre Woodard is a worthy "opponent" for Stewart.

Star Trek: Insurrection- Geordi regains his vision. This is my least-favorite Trek movie...but this was a beautiful and moving scene that finally gave LeVar Burton something interesting to do as an actor. You could really feel for LaForge here...and it's a great moment between him and Picard. Simple dialogue, not too sappy, and well acted.

Star Trek: Nemesis- Picard prepares the Enterprise for Battle. For some reason, I love the tension and drama of Picard telling the crew "all other concerns are secondary...I know you understand," and then watching the crew prepare for battle as Picard gives what may be his last log entry. A well-structured and dramatic little sequence that was the prefect preface for the battle that followed.

Star Trek (2009)- The Kelvin attack. This is one of the greatest scenes in all of Star Trek. The crew of the Kelvin is only on screen for 7 or 8 minutes, but the are immediately identifiable. The action and tension of the Narada overwhelming the Kelvin is very exciting, and the sacrifice that leads to James Kirk's birth is definitely a tear-jerker.


What say you?


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TMP - "As much as you wanted the Enterprise. I want THIS!"
- That's love!

TWoK - "I've done far worse than kill you. I've hurt you.
And I wish to go on ... hurting you."
- Now, that's hate!

TSFS - This happens to be my favorite movie.
So hard to choose. Wow ... I guess when Kruge
kills his beautiful lover for knowing too much.
Just a great intro to one of the better Klingons.

TVH - The "sinking" of the Saratoga scene.

TFF - "Well, I'll call Valhalla and have them reserve a room for you."
Bones responds to Kirk's self-prophesy.

TUC - "Let them die, you said. Did I misinterpret you?"
Kim Katrall can act! And how dare Nimoy destroy her photos
on the bridge wearing nothing but her "ears" ... I still cry.

GEN - when we meet Sulu's daughter. She made an impression.

FC - Drunk Troi. Hummina! Hummina!

INS - "What I need, I can't get from Doctor Crusher ..."
- Frakes, you GO boy!

NEM - "... if you EVER touch me again ... I'll kill you."
Ahhh, Shinzon. Hell hath no fury, you inexperienced clone!

ST09 - Wynona Rider! She still looks great! Even now ...
She left an impact on the movie and I loved her in HEATHERS!


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I'll do the best I can off the top of my head.

TMP-The scene where the Klingons get destroyed, love the music.

TWOK-the Spock going out into space lead up and the death of Spock, very moving.

TSFS-The taking of the Enterprise scenes

TVH-Scotty on computer, one of the best scenes ever

TFF-the climbing and camping scenes

TUC-the crashing of the assassination scenes

GEN-"Oh My!" one of my favorite lines ever, also "Oh Sh!+!" and "...I hate this! More? Yes Please!", oh I love all those lines.

FC-chasing Cochran and him getting shot and Riker talking about the Defiant to Worf.

INS-Data floating, frozen time and the would be Quark scene.

NEM-the off road scene and the Scimitar-Romulan ship-Enterprise fight

ST-Kirk and McCoy's medical escapade




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TMP> Kirks reaction to seeing the refit Enterprise
TWOK> Kirk talking to Carol about the decisions that have shaped his life
TSFS> McCoy talking to the unconscious Spock before they arrive at Vulcan
TVH> Spock and Sarek saying goodbye
TFF> The campfire scenes
TUC> Kirk's final log
GEN> Picard & Riker cleaning out Picard's ready room and their conversation
FC> Picard's heated exchange with Lilly
INS> Riker, Data & Worf's comic exchange with eachother while in the turbolift
NEM> Picard's speach at the wedding and Riker's farewell at the end of the picture
XI> McCoys reactions to Spock

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TMP:Kirks sees Enterprise, reborn...STII:For sheer emotional power, Spock and Kirk's final moment together...STIII:Kirk's reaction to David's death/Spock's 'return'...STIV:Hands down, the reveal of 1701-A!...ST V:Sybok's 'secret pain' revelations, and Kirk's line, ''I lost a brother once'', the campfire 'brothers'...STVI:The final moments of the Enterprise in the film, as Kirk dictates his log; GENERATIONS:Revelation of the B, and that wonderful  A Courage honorarium(Love that!);Kirk/Picard's last moments in the Nexus.''Sounds like fun!''....Picard, as he sees what may have been....FC:Cochrane seeing the E; Enterprise to the rescue!(Awesome rousing TNG motif as she rushes at the cube); The 'little ships' scene at length....INSURRECTION:Geordi sees in full measure for the first time....NEMESIS:The battle of the  Rift; While sad, Data's sacrifice, and his wake....STAR TREK: The Kelvin vs. Narada/Sacrifice/Birth of Jim; Enterprise revealed,Prime Spock and Young Jim in the cave; Spock/Sarek in the transporter room;the calvary arrives with Ent. saving the duo and Pike; and the Nimoy ''Space'' sendoff....

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I love the scene in The Undiscovered Country where they bring in Crewman Dax because the magnetic shoes were found in his locker.  Chekov goes starts talking about Cinderella and "if the shoe fits, wear it!"  and everyone says, "Mr. Chekov!" and he looks down at Dax's feet and realizes that they could not possible fit in those shoes because his feet are totally screwed up.  I just thought this scene was very funny and endearing. Probably my favorite scene in the movie!

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TMP-Kirk and Scotty approaching the Enterprise, mostly the music
TWOK-Enterprise trying to limp away from Reliant as the Genesis wave builds up to detonation
TSFS-The stealing of the Enterprise
TVH-The hospital chase
TFF-Kirk climbing the mountain
TUC-"Come on come on" "She'll fly appart sir" "Fly her appart then!
Gen-The Christmas scene in the nexus
FC- The failed retaking of engineering
Ins-The battle between Enterprise and the two Sona ships
Nem-prepairing for battle
ST-Enterprise rising out of Titan's clouds


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1, ST:TMP: 1st place, when we see the Enterprise for the first time, 2nd place the Klingon battle with V'er, 3rd place when they realize what V'er really is

2, ST:TWOK: 1st place, when Chekov realize where they are, 2nd place Spocks death 3rd place, the battle in the nebula and Genisis going off

3, ST:TSFS: 1st place, The death of the original Enterprise, Kirk's fight with Kurge 3st place, Escaping from spacedock and the Excelsior

4, ST:TVH 1st Place, the Bounty stopping a  harpoon an decloaking in front of the whaling ship, 2nd place, seeing the Excelsior and then the new Enterprise, 3nd place when they arrive  in the 20th century,

5, ST:TFF, 1st place, The Klingon BoP shooting  a famous space probe, 2nd place, Uhura dancing (naked!) to draw the guards only for them to get a face full of phasers, 3rd place when they meet the enity and kirk questions it, then spock's  misguided brother  faces the enity as he realizes he made a big mistake 

6, ST;TUC, (my favorite) 1st place, The Excelsior caught in the wake of Praxis exploding, 2nd place, when the Enterprise is joined by the klingon Battle Crusier, 3rd place, when they confront tha sexy lady vulcan who's name escapes me (dose it begin with V?)  

 7, ST:G (third favorite) 1st place, picard meeting Kirk, 2nd place, the whole Enterprise-B sequence, 3rd place, part one picard confromts sorine then part two same scene Kirk takes picard's place (check out on Youtube "Trek Through Time" where (the 9th) Dr. Who and young captain Kirk saves old Captain Kirk, it's brilliant)

8, ST:FC (close second fave.) 1st place, the Borg space battle near the begining, 2nd place, the battle on the deflector dish, 3rd place, the Borg Queen tries to suduce Data

9, ST:I 1st place, The Riker Manuover, 2nd place, Inflatable Data (LOL) 3rd place, Diana Troi's and Riker's bath scene (I was so jelious of Riker grrr) or when Data gose berserk (can't decide)

 10, ST:N 1st place, Seeing the Reman Warbird decloaking, 2nd place, the space battle with the Warbirds  and Enterprise 3rd place, Data pretending to be B4 (Data isn't dead, he and B4 mearly swiched places and thought he was Data due to the nuronet transfer and Data lost his memory and thinks he's B4 , I also it's a shame that, that lovley Romulan captain wasn't Sela, continuty  wise)

11, ST (bloody good film, not the best star trek, but I love it in it's own right)  1st place kirk meets original Spock, 2rd place Scotty mentions Admiral Archer's Bugle and a transporter expariment (But who is this Admiral?) 3rd place, the new Enterprise, rising out of Jupiter's (or was it Saturn's) atmosphere

12, ST:C 1st place,The Enterprise-E arrives into the 23rd century nearly colliding with the revamped new Enterprise (which now looks closer to the original tv one)  2nd place Kirk and Worf trapped in a tunnel and Worf saves Kirk from a rockfall, 3rd place The Borg meet the Daleks for the first time... (oh they haven't made this yet, damm!) 

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TMP: That extra-super-crazy-long-mega-scene where the Enterprise refit is revealed
TWOK: The scene where Spock dies
TSFS: The scene where they steal the Enterprise and fly away in it
TVH: Any of the scenes where Spock tried to fit in with humans; the bit on the bust with the punk is pretty good
TFF: The camping scenes. The rest of the film sucks.
TUC: The zero-gravity bit with the pink blood on the Klingon ship.
GEN: Kirk's (real) death. I know it's not the best death ever, but it's still Kirk dying (not that I want him to, of course—Kirk's cool).
FC: Any of the scenes involving the Borg trying to assimilate the Enterprise crew and the crew fighting back.
INS: Data singing made me chuckle.
NEM: Data dies! OMG OMG OMG big explosion!!!!!!

And, uh, I haven't seen the new film yet, so . . . the scene with Spock in.


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TMP- Leaving the drydock station up till Kirk's log.

TWOK- Battle in the Mutara nebula.

TSFS- Tie between stealing the Enterprise and/or entering the destruct sequence.

TVH- The court martial until the credits roll.

TFF- Kirk's escape from "GOD" and/or " I lost a brother once....."

TUD- "Dining on ashes" and/or the final battle.

GENERATIONS- Picard tries to persuade Kirk in the nexus. VERY close with "Lifeforms, tiny little lifeforms....

FC- "The line MUST be drawn here! Thus far! NO farther!!"

INSURRECTION- The battle in the "Briar Patch"

NEMESIS- Picard readies his crew and walks the ship.

Although I have been sitting here for a half hour going through films in my head I was torn between quite a few more...LOL



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My favorates are TMP-Kirk seeing enterprise for the first time and all of the v'ger scenes. ST2-All of it. ST3- When the senior crew take enterprise from spacedock ST4-The hospital chase. ST5-The scenes with sulu and chekov(we cant see a thing)ST6-When scotty, chekov and the captain and spock find the bodies and the battle.

A phaser and a commincator in my uniform trouser pocket and a transporter lock home to enterprise(A)


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I was thinking about STAR TREK: V,
when I was on the can the other day,
(because it helps me to go), and I
remembered Sybok damn-near wetting
his pants, from finally meeting "god" ...


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TMP: The shots of Enterprise in Spacedock as Kirk goes up to the ship.

WOK: Spock's Death (although every scene is gold).

SFS: Destruction of the Enterprise.

VH: "Well, double dumbass on you!" or anything that Spock did.

FF: The camping stuff. That's the only stuff that felt like Star Trek. The rest was crap.

UC: The battle with Chang. (Again, every scene was gold.)

G: The destruction of the Enterprise, or most of what Data does.

FC: The opening battle with the Borg. (Once again, every scene is gold)

I: Geordi seeing the sun.

N: Data's jump from Enterprise to Scimitar.

Reboot: Kirk's birth and the opening battle.



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TMP: Seeing the brand spanking newly redesigned Enterprise in space dock for the first time!

TWOK: Khan : "I don't know you..but you...I never forget a face...Mr. Chekov isn't it...I never thought to see your face again.'

TSFS: The destruction of the Enterprise


GILLIAN: You guys like Italian food?

Spock: No

Kirk; Yes

Spock: No

Kirk: Yes

Spock: No

Kirk: I love Italian and so do you

Spock: Yes

TFF: Kirk: What does God need with a starship?

TUC: Spock's mind meld with Valeris where he rips the info they need from her mind and probes even deeper into her thoughts to make sure she's not lying...incredibly intense scene.

Gen: Christening of the Enterprise B and the events leading to Kirks presumed death.

FC: Putting the Borg Queen together, other then that, pretty standard stuff over all.

Ins: Closing Credits.

Nem: The scene I was in the bathroom vomiting my shoes up after enduring that mess.

ST2009: Too many to list: The Kelvin attack, the space jump to the drilling platform, Kirk getting Spock to show he's emotionally compromised...there's a lot more...


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TMP: The conversation between Spock, Kirk and Mccoy when Spock is being really unemotional and Kirk is trying to remenice.
TWOK: When Spock dies - Note: this is extremely bad because I love spock but it is still a great scene!
TSFS: The kligons getting on the Enterprise and the shot of their faces before it explodes! Priceless
TVH: Oh so many good bits to choose from, it has to be Spock Mind Melding with the whale!
TFF: Kirk, Bones and Spock singing Row Row Row your boat!
TUC: The dinner party. Especially Uhura trying to make conversation
Gen: The wood chopping scene. Just generally amesome
FC: Zefram Cochrane drinking with Troi
Ins: The evacuation scene, the scenery was really great and the chat between that kid whose name escapes me and data.
Nem: The first time we see Shinzon: such a powerful character
and finally
STXI: When the enterprise drops out of warp amid the debris of other ships surrounding Vulcan

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