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What would a new Trek series be worth to you?


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I know its pie-in-the-sky, but if a new star trek series depended on fan funding. What would you pay anually for a new Trek series? $50, $100, $500?  I am not sure what a series costs to produce, but surely it could be done.


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It's not the job of the audience to pay for the creation of entertainment. It's their job to reward it, or reject it, when the finished product is presented to them. And fans who invest their "hard-earned" money in a project are going to want to have their say in it. It robs the "artist" of their "license" and creates an inferior product. Nobody wants that. $AVE ENTERPRISE raised millions, enough for a whole other season - a price made infinitely cheaper by the fact that sets and their development was already paid for, in previous seasons. Fortunately, Paramount/CBS said, "No, thanks". Quite simply, paying for another series is a Bad Idea.


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I wouldn't pay anything. It's their job to make the series, get it green-lit, and find advertising and sponsors.

I'm not really intrested in a new series right now. I'd like to see the movies play out, and let a new series come after that. Give them time to develop it RIGHT rather than simply trying to cash-in.



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What would it be these days 3million plus an episode? that's a hell of an investment over 22 episodes. TNG was TV gold because the time was perfect, it could be a while yet before that time comes again and the suits are willing to take the chance on another Trek. Unless the next movie (or two) prove to be massive hits, one thing's for sure, it's very unlikely that the Trek we know and loved will ever be the same. Whatever we get, for better or worse will need to "fit in" with the modern TV audience, and that's certainly not the style of 80's and 90's TNG, things have moved on, Trek must lead the way.

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this ain't a fan series the studio should have enough money to pay for their own show.

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I know that for the first season of DS9, every episode had a budget of $2000000. Quite a bit of money. If the average season (for a new Star Trek series) had 26 episodes that's $52000000. Add $10000000 more for actor's contracts and so forth. Now WelcomeToQuarks if one million people paid $50 each (just a one off yearly payment) that's $50000000. But to be honest the money has got to come from Paramount or CBS, and that's if they think the Star Trek franchise is profitable enough for a new series...
The Star Trek franchise is going through the Dark Ages...

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Tommy_boy22, I feel like a meatball sandwich now! Aaargh!


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Well, i cant afford to pay anything! But Im sure I would watch any new seris religiously, as I do with Enterprise, Voyager and DS9.

Jim Kirk

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Unfortunately money is tight (for all of us).  I would watch the commercials I even promise not to fast forwrd through them LOL.  If I really like the series I would buy the DVD complete series when its available.  But pay for a yearly subsription sorry I pass.  I cant even afford satelite radio LOL.


Jim Kirk

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don't think many people get this (prehaps too money orrintated) to me, if they get it right, it'll be I think (do yo have to pay to watch each tv program thats on?) 

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What is this money thing you all speak of?  All I have are shrinking bills, even the moths have left space for rent signs in my wallet. 

The Ferengi shall pay!!


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Sounds about like mine


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They should have money to do the show, not rely on the fans to pay.

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I agree with Vger23 I think it will be another 5 or 6 years before we ever see another series or longer.

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