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Should the seires have waited?

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Created by: Camorite


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I think the show was great how it was, but I wish it had waited only so it might have had a better chance of getting 7 seasons.


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I'm not a great fan of the show, but found over time it grows on you. Personaly I think it would have been better if the show had waited until all the others had completed their first runs. The fans then would have just the one to follow.


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If you follow Enterprise you can get lost in time or space it had no real direction.

You can shelf Enterprise for ten years and show it.

The response will be is Who is Future Guy ?

That show makes no sense is it supposed to be before Kirk and Spock ?

Is the ship an Akira ?


Matthias Russell

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You can't make a well based complaint on the ship. Yes, it was based on the Akira which was itself based on the Miranda. So you can see a design that logically predates both starfleet design philosophies.

I do agree however that the temporal nature of the show didn't go anywhere and not clarifying who future guy was was aggregating. The show would have been much stronger without the temporal stuff.

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