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What would work?

Matthias Russell

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There are a lot of people in the forums who think each series after TOS was just using the same formula and wasn't original.  There are also a lot of idea for another series.  Do you have a concept for a series that would be original (not cookie cutter), take place after Nemesis in the prime universe, and appeal to fans and non-Trekkies?  If you think we should leave it be and enjoy what we have, please say so.

I personally think making New Frontier a series would be the way to.  Many fans already like it, the characters are original, and it may be off the mainstrem enough to bring in noobs.


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Having Herman Zimmerman as Art Director for
TNG ... DS9 ... Voyager ... Enterprise ...
I really hated that no matter what part of
the galaxy, or era I was in, every part of
Space looked just the balls the same! Each
STAR TREK should have it's own Art Director.

In that vein, I would also like to add that
the IDEA of overlapping STAR TREK shows -
plural - was very cool, with me. I just didn't
like the repetition I kept noticing, within each
show and between eachother. Otherwise, I would
love to see them throw a lot of stuff out there
and see what sticks. Just let each be its own ...


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Wow, MR, there is a ten-billion dollar question...'What would work'...I am, and I don't apologize for it, one of those more general fans who has always watched what's come out, and in many ways I find that a good way to be. I don't have my finger on the pulse of the fanbase as others might, be it in or out of st in the sf genre, but, the most obvious thing to say is, 'It has to be recognizable to the average st fan', whatever that means, in all our complexity. I think that the demands are just so high nowdays, at least from what I keep seeing in this or that site boards, though I'm not saying noone cared before. The film has both generated criticism, and created a new energy with the different take on TOS. How different is it going to be with any new prospective series? Wouldn't the inclination be with a tv series show creators, to have, now, certainly, an eye towards a non-trekkie audience, even though it's always going to be a niche to start with? How do you satisy the majority?I mean, it's always about numbers, speaking here from a viewership standpoint.But st fandom is just so complicated, how can you apply conventional number games to us? How can anyone possibly satisfy the fanbase sufficiently?I would not want the job, and I love ST. What about an anthology series, which does not rest solely upon one crew, as has been suggested before, and explores various times, and cultures, and ships on this or that mission, touching upon every age from Archer's to Picard/Sisko/Janeway, and even far beyond, or make it Starfleet-centric at least so that there remains the core vision of Gene's in exploring the universe, and ourselves therein, recognizable to a non-fan of at least basic degree. There is so much space-literally, and figuratively, to explore, yet..the entirety of creation, even parallel universes, etc. It could just open up the universe and storytelling in potential....

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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I'm a fan that tries as hard as they can to ignore problems. This can annoy other fans because some believe I do not have an opinion. I have one. Don't worry. You'll sleep safely knowing that I'm sure.

I'll support any future series. I like the Borg, but, like the Klingons and Romulans they've been a bit overdone. In a new series, they need to bring back old favourites (like the klingons) but it needs to revolve around a totally new threat/s. Like DS9's Dominion, or, ENT's Xindi. Unfortunately throughout VOY and TNG, the Borg were overdone (mainly VOY).



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Reading Kesfan´s reply, I came up with a little idea of my own. But it´s what I would like - I can´t look into the minds of startrek fans in general, let alone the general public. ;-)

My favourite kind of startrek stories are the ones where they have to deal with different dimensions or universes: Q-Squared, Imzadi, Remember Me, Yesterday´s Enterprise, Parallels, Cause and Effect (as you can see, I´m only acquainted with TNG). The two books in that list are properly elaborated, but for a 42 minute episode, a story like that has to be kept rather basic in order to make it within one ep.

Basically, what I would like to see is a movie, or a series, where a pretty much constant crew (for example a starship) keeps uncontrollably slipping from one universe or dimension to another. A bit like Worf in Parallels, but than more elaborated: have them stay in one universe for a whole ep or two, and then move on. It would allow enormous creative freedom in the design of each of these universes, with constantly changing the type of problem the crew is facing - beside getting out of this "glitch" that makes them slip from dimension to dimension.

Hm. I think I might try and elaborate this idea a bit further...

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