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Would Enterprise Live On For 1 or 2 more seasons if it did not get the plug removed?


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Well,it seems that everyone agrees that season 4 was really good, I think if they gave it an extra season, they would have had ratings for the full 7 season. Also, having it on a channel that every one could have had access to would of help, I myself had to borrow tapes of recored shows from a friend to see it.


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The last season was indeed the best one, good story line, connections with the Trek legacy and better established characters, so I belive it was cut short yes.


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I agree Enterprise was just starting to come into its own, it could have gone 3 or 4 more seasons.


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It would of been interesting to see the beginnings of the Romulan wars. Personally I think Enterprise could of made a full 7 season run. But unfortunately we will never no if the series could of gone 7 seasons.

Matthias Russell

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Read the romulan war books. They are great stories, but with mediocre delivery. They follow the show well and if enough fans buy them and take an interest, maybe they will be made into a season 5 (though slim chance).

Captain D'Soto

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I agree Matthias. Although written in another context, also applicable in this thread

Quote from the book "The Good that Men Do" ( page 427 ), written by Andy Mangels & Michael A. Martin

T'Pol : " Then she allowed herself to weep once again, this time for everything that might have been"


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Yes, if they would have focused on events leading up, and involvement of the Federation/Romulan War, which created the Romulan neutral zone earlier in the series. The ratings would have been much better.

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