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The Message Boards are here for your enjoyment, to allow you to express your opinion on various topics in the Star Trek universe.

Before you post anything, please be sure to read our Terms of Use. Your use of the Web Site is subject to these TOU, which may be updated by us from time to time without notice to you. It is important for you to refer to these TOU from time to time to make sure that you are aware of any additions, revisions, or modifications that we may have made to these TOU. Your use of the Web Site constitutes your acceptance of these TOU.

- Before you start a new topic, look around to see if there's already a topic on the subject. It's better to contribute to an existing discussion than to start a brand new one.
- If you start a new topic, be sure it's in the appropriate message board.
- If you reply to a message, stay on topic.
- Be respectful and courteous. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
- Watch your language.
- Check your spelling.
- Read your message through one more time before you hit "Add Reply".
- If you disagree with a message, respond to the message. Do not attack the individual who posted it.

Since you read our Terms of Use, you know that we do not and cannot review every message posted here, and we are not responsible for the content of those messages. We do have the right to delete or edit messages that we determine to be unacceptable, but we are not obligated to do so.

From time to time, we may review topics and messages and may edit or delete them.

If you find a message or topic that you feel violates our Terms of Use, we suggest that you do these two things:

1. Report the post to us.
At the top right of every post there is a link: "Report this".
Click that link and tell us why you think the post is in violation.

2. DO NOT reply to the post.
Often, these types of posts are there just to get attention. If you ignore an offensive post, you have defeated its purpose. If you react, you're just playing their game, and they win. In many cases, these comments become derailing to the thread and all those involved are guilty of violating TOU and can be suspended or banned permanently if the offense is bad enough.

If you create a username that seems to intentionally impersonate or taunt another user, your posting privilege will be revoked. The creation and use of multiple IDs is prohibited. This includes the use of "duals" and "alts". Everyone should have only one active user ID.

The copying, reproduction, rearrangement, sales, leasing, renting, distribution, redistribution, modification, downloading, exchanging, creating of derivative works, uploading, posting, transmitting, or publication by you, directly or indirectly, of the Content, including the removal or alteration of advertising, except pursuant to the express limited grant of rights hereunder, is strictly prohibited. You agree to abide by any and all additional copyright notices, information, or restrictions contained in any part of the Web Sites. Copying, archiving or storing any part of the Web Sites for a purpose that is not permitted by these TOU is expressly prohibited without prior written permission from Company or the applicable copyright holder as identified on the Web Sites.

By linking to any web sites, you agree that you do and will continue to comply with the linking requirements outlined in the TOU. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the TOU, we reserve the right to deny permission to link to web sites for any reason in our sole and absolute discretion.

Do not spam: post topics or replies which are just one word or just your name, or repeat the same reply over and over.

Do not troll: post topics or replies which are inflammatory and intend only to provoke an angry response from others.

Do not flame: insult another user.

If you do, your posting privilege will be revoked.

Do not create topics in order to attack or flame other users. Please refer the section on personal attacks for more clarification on this subject.

Do not post a reply just to "bump" your topic to the top of the list. if your topic is interesting to other users, it will elicit responses which will keep it active.

In the past, there have been many topics and posts devoted to attacking other board users as well as the administrators of this message board. Good topics have been sidetracked by flame wars between users, and what could have been an interesting discussion often degrades into a slew of personal attacks. The board moderators simply do not have the time to remove all the inappropriate posts in such topics, and all too often, our only option is to delete the entire topic.

Do not post any topics devoted to attacking another user, or otherwise discuss someone else in a mean-spirited or abusive fashion. All such posts/topics reported to us may be removed. Any topics on other subjects that get side-tracked by such attacks may also be removed. Continual abusive attacks against other users can be cause for revocation of posting privileges.

The Community Forums are here for you to have fun, meet other Star Trek fans, and to get involved in discussions relating to Star Trek and beyond. We allow the users here a great deal of posting freedom, but that freedom does not give you free reign to attack other users. Please try to respect each other, and respond to posts and ideas, not individuals. If you have something personal to say to or about another user, take it to private message.

Please keep in mind, creating a thread to celebrate another member's birthday or anniversary is acceptable but is subject to the rules of TOU. If someone posts inappropriate comments or someone starts attacking another user, the comment and/or thread could be deleted. These type of threads will be deleted automatically after 3 days because they are topical.

We are all Star Trek fans here. This site and the Message Boards give us an opportunity to interact with a community of fans all around the world.

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