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What alien race would you be?


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Quote: Tadasimha @ Aug. 31 2010, 11:03 am

>I'm probably a bit of a half-breed: Vulcan and Klingon. I tend to be fairly calm and cool, pretty rational about things, but am surprisingly competitive and have a temper that can blow pretty spectacularly when it does! While usually fairly reserved in social settings, I also have been know to laugh long and loud at some good jokes.

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I relate to the Klingons, because of my temper and my generally big emotions. But I wouldn't want to embrace the Klingon culture of honor and war. That's why B'Elanna Torres is my favorite character from all Star Trek. When I first started watching Voyager, I could empathize with her more than any other Trek character, but now I've become such an avid fan of Voyager and think about the show so much, that I wonder if I think about myself in terms of B'Elanna, instead of seeing B'Elanna as a character like me.

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I'm mostly deadpan so sure, Vulcan would be a fit for me!


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Vulcan. It's the only logical choice for one such as myself.

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As much as I'd love to say Romulan or Andorian, the truth is I'm more of a Ferengi. Especially one like Rom or Krem from Enterprise.


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I'd love to say a Q, but the more honest answer would be Romulan.

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I would say either Cardassian or Romulan. Cardassian if I had the choice. But I do love how the Romulan culture was based (originally) on ancient Rome.

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I would like to be a Trill, as long as I could be joined. All that knowledge would be cool!

However, I am probably most similar to a Vulcan, IRL.


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Because then, I could appear as any one race with a snap of my fingers... Plus, there's the added bonus of omnipotence

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Ill be a Founder, shape shifter .


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Quote: Bobservo @ Jan. 16 2011, 12:42 pm


You could be the Pakled version of a genius.

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I have a feeling I would be a half-breed: Vulcan and Betazoid. I have a considerable power of control over strong emotions in public... I NEVER allow my anger or any other negative feelings to get the better of me (in public). I am like a rock, that way, like a Vulcan. However, I am extremely empathetic by nature, and by general personality I am more like Deanna Troi... so there would be my Betazoid side.

Vulcan and Betazoid- quite a contradiction, but that would be me.

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It is amazing how many people want to be a split species. That arises another question. Do you really think humans and aliens can breed? Humans can only breed with humans, only within our species. There are different races of humans, cats, and dogs. But they can only breed according to their kind. Wouldn't you expect the same to be true between humans and vulcans, andorians, etc? Or since all humanoids in the quadrant were seeded by a master species (possibly the Preservers) does that make us genetically compatible for breeding?

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