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Why all the hate towards Voyager? I think it's better than TNG, here's my reason why...


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Voyager is hands down the very best Star Trek series. I grew up watching the original series, I even remember watching a few first runs episodes, and I can honestly say that Voyager is better.


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Quote: Sora @ Aug. 26 2010, 2:03 pm


>I really don't understand the hate towards Voyager or Enterprise. But I'll save the Enterprise rant for later. This is about Voyager.

>Why do fans dislike Voyager? Honestly, what is their to dislike about it? Voyager is overall far more interesting than TNG, because the problem with both TNG and TOS is the way in which they're made episodic.

>When it comes to TOS, it's so episodic that ANY episodes could very well be the first episode, and NOTHING that happens in any episode will ever be mentioned again, or have any kind of consequence in the future. I feel that there's little to no character development in TOS for this reason. And it's why TOS is my least favorite out of the Trek series. TNG was very similar for the most part, however it got better. You had Q and Troi's mom cropping up once a season, you had Worf's Dishonor, Riker refusing his own ship, Data trying to be more human. Picard and Crusher not getting involved even though you know they both secretly want to.

>TOS lacks all of these types of aspects, but those are just certain details about characters in TNG. For both TOS and TNG, it feels as if you're standing still for 3 seasons in TOS, and for 5 seasons in TNG. Season 6 and 7 of TNG feel more involved as this is when DS9 started.

>I think Voyager and Enterprise, did this very well, which is keeping it episodic, while still making it feel like a series. It feels like it's really happening. You feel like you're there and involved with the characters and what they're going through. It doesn't just feel like a simple episode to a tv series.

>DS9 had that aspect to it as well when it wasn't doing the story arcs.

>People often like to bash Voyager saying they never ran into any real trouble and their time in the Delta Quadrent was easy and that it was boring, and had boring characters. Really it doesn't.

>Think about it, I mean they don't know where they're at, and several members of the crew are dead. The first officer and chief medical officer died. Having to merge starfleet and maquis crewmembers was a difficult thing for both sides.

>But the great character development that people say Voyager lacks is that they dealt with it and got passed their differences. People say Janeway was badly written, I don't think so.

>Yes in Season 1 and 2, she's the very uptight we're doing it by the book Captain. And starting in Season 3 you can start to see her slowly moving away from that. She even specifically tells Tuvok in The Swarm that we're nowhere near Starfleet and she isn't about to add 15 months to their trip because of some bullies.

>They dealt with the type of things you'd expect, having to find alternate energy sources, and conserving energy. The doctor had amazing development. He really starts to shine, again in The Swarm when his program has it's first breakdown, and that was great because DS9 was in it's 5th season at the time, and that's when Robert Picardo guest starred playing Zimmerman, and when they first started talking about the EMH mark 2, and both series pitched in for that storyline. Both series helped with the Maquis storyline. You see the Voyager crew find out that The Dominion have killed off all of the Maquis. You see the Doctor in the Alpha Quadrent dealing with a threat of the Dominion. You see Tom Paris grow from a prison jerk to a respectable friend and husband. You see Harry Kim grow from a niave ensign to a responsible officer.

>You see 7 of 9 grow back into individuality.

>Voyager used my favorite Villiain, The Borg, which TNG severaly underused. I loved all the Borg episodes on Voyager.

>And that's just a name a few examples. You see each character grow and mature. Voyager was a great series.

>The problem with Star Trek isn't the franchise, it isn't Rick Berman, it isn't UPN, (granted UPN wasn't very helpful) it's the fans.

>The fans are spoiled, ungratful brats to put it simply. And they gave up on Trek because they don't know how to accept anything.

>When TNG came out they complained because it wasn't enough like TOS, then with the later series they complained because they were too much like the other series.

>They complained when the writers re-used a storyline. They complained when the writers tried something new, such as the Temporal Cold War just to give an example.

>All Star Trek fans know how to do is complain. It's a shock we have as much Trek as we do.

>The Star Wars fans absolutely HATE the prequel trilogy, but you'd never know it because they went out and they supported their franchise. It didn't matter to them that they thought it sucked, it was Star Wars, their franchise and they were going to support it no matter what.

>But the Trek fans don't do that. They go point out every tiny little thing they possibly can that's wrong and then abandon the franchise and then wonder why there's not anymore.

>To a neutral observer, it would a appear that being a Star Trek fan means that you hate Star Trek. Just my two cents, but I reccomend all the haters to go watch Voyager and Enterprise again with an open mind, and you might just realize, there is no bad Star Trek.

>If you're to be a true fan, you can't love one piece of it and hate the rest. It's an all or nothing thing. It's all Star Trek, you either love it or you don't.

Couldn't have put it better myself. If I did, my fingers would be sore from writing so much voyager forever!


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Some very good comments there, Sora. Hats off to you!

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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Ehhh ...
"Voyager's better than TNG".

Matthias Russell

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Love voyager. Ds9 is my fav. But I have to admit that pound for pound, tng was the best!


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

To 33voyager: everything you said i'll agree with. i can see you know your star trek. if people watch voyager they will see it's great. i'll admit the first 3 seasons of voyager were a little dull but it got really good in season 4. I love how more futuristic it was compared to the others. i loved the next gen, but voyager got my loyalty when it came out

Of course voy was more futuristic than the rest look at the major society changes from when tng came out to when voy was airing. PCs, cell phones, the internet not to mention production money (just the pilot cost 23 mil to produce) and cgi was developed. Voy didnt have better stories or better characters than ds9 or tng imo

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