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What Show Do You Think Had Epsiodes That Dragged?


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What Show Do You Think Had Epsiodes That Dragged?

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7 years lost in space yet they don't really modify the ship, they don't really sustain any real damage and their uniforms seem to be perfect and the replicators still work. i would havbe liked to have seen them appear as if they were really hard done by.

Jim Kirk

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I watched part of the first season and was bored.  Major disappointment.

I have heard that I gave up to soon and I intened to watch more episodes on the computer.

Jim Kirk

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Matthias Russell

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Voyager mostly. And maybe 1/3 of DS9.


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All of them had SOME episodes that dragged.

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Voyager, unfortunately for me. I was not really interested in any of the characters at all.



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TOS is really dragged alot for me. But that might be because the length of the episodes is actually longer.


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I say DS9. I never really got into the characters like I did with TNG, TOS and Voyager.

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DS9 and TOS dragged in my opinion


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They probably all had their share.

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