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What Star Trek Bar would you like to hang out in?

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Created by: tea8765


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The question is: what Star Trek bar would you like to most visit, frequent, buy out, or just buy a round in?  If you have any other suggestions please post them.

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I don't drink, but, as far as the company-first, Sandrine's(Voyager version) and rub elbows with my fave, Ten-forward. It'd be the closest, assuming I didn't have an Alpha-Shift duty assignment, to be around Picard, Will, and the gang.Then Quark's. Come on....maybe Miles and Julian would let me fly with them in the Battle of Brittain....hear Garak tell some of his stories...I'd probably end up swindled into buying something I didn't need from Quark....

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Quarks for sure. Drinking, holosuites and dabo girls. Doesn't get much better than that


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Quarks for sure!!


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I chose non of them because i want to hang in a place where everyone knows your name, Vics Place (oh wait that is somewhere else ). But serieously, Vics would be my first choice, especially since, if you get tired of the 1960's theme, Quarks is only a Holosuite door away, and that is a place were you can really see some action, in more ways then one . lol

Next would be Ten Forward, so that i could hang out with Guinan. the others are so obscure in trek lore that i wouldn't even feel at home in any of them.

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I'd just want a couple of drinks, a few laughs
and then, go about my business. So that means
10 Forward. As to which bar I would love to have
seen MORE of on STAR TREK that would be Quarks.


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space dock seems like a nice place to hang out at.

"take us out"...


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Quark's definitely. I would try and drink Morn under the table.


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I would vote Quark's. It just looks like the most fun place.


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You can get a quiet drink by yourself or with a few friends in one of the alcoves, or if you're in the mood for a party or games, just step out into the room.  Fun place for people watching too. 

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Quarks Bar! 1 Dabo Girls! 2 Holosuites! 3 Black Holes (always wanted to try one)! 4 Dabo Girls! 5 I've always wanted to have a discussion with Quark! 6 I may be lucky enough to meet the Emissary! 


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My vote would be for the bar (café?) on Argelius II from the Star Trek TOS episode “Wolf in the Fold”.

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