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new star trek series?


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Quote: Admiral Zachary Kelly @ Dec. 20 2010, 2:08 pm

I would like to see the Voyager and Deep Space Nine series merged and then continue both series as if they were one.

Admiral Janeway as the commander and talking to Prophet Sisko?


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Quote: iZni @ Dec. 20 2010, 2:57 pm

I think they should do either a serie right after Enterprise (Don´t know yet how it ends, watching it right now)or like 10-20 years in the future from TNG and those.
That would be interesting - the foundations of the Federation.


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Quote: star trek tng rocks!!!!!:) @ Dec. 01 2010, 4:03 pm

i really wished they would of made a star trek titan series but now its to late because marina sirtis and johnathen frakes are to old

What about CGI?

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I want a new series! (Wishing doesn't make it so!)

I do agree with the broad stroke comments that it should venture away from TNG theme.


BUT I have been surprized a few times, regardless of what I originally thought..


I loved ST 2009.. BTW (Is there anyone who didn´t?)


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They should but focus on another race from the series that would be cool.


The klingons would be a good start.


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well i would like to see a new show that is consistant with the timeline
right before spock went back in time !!!!!!



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They should try somethng in a completely different direction... like, how about set largely at Starfleet Academy in San Francisco, have stories about four cadets, and a decorated but partially handicapped Commander as their professor. The four cadets could be a Human, a Vulcan, Bjoran, and Andorian. Stories could involve their exposure to life aboard vessels, learning about cultures and phenomenon (like wormholes), and how people in each others' cultures do things. They could also focus more on issues on Earth relating to changing climate, recycling waste, producing enough food... and maybethe exploration in science fidtion can spur on some answers in our world's crises.


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I agree it would be great to have a new series, however, as has always been the case, the story lines eventually get way too far-fetched. Writers lose sight of what makes good and believable sci-fi and ratings drop - then cancellation. This has been evident in every series so far. If an effort were made to keep the science fascinating and the stories rich then perhaps a series could survive a long time. Consider that there are several Soap Opera series that have been running for more than 25 YEARS AND THOSE THINGS ARE GARBAGE BY ANY STANDARD I WOULD SUBSCRIBE TO and yet there they are. Why? I suppose it is a combination of a less-than-scrutinizing viewing audience and writers that keep pegging the subject matter sufficiently to keep that audience happy enough to stay. A new Star Trek series must have THAT and then it will last.

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I agree also lets not rush it, baby steps first before running.

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I think although a new series would be good, it would probably become more hollywoodized


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I love all Star Trek series and I wouldn't mind if they made a new one!


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Does any of our posts replies here has any say in convincing paramount to start a tv series? I wish so...i think they should take all of our replies and feedback through a channel n convince paramount/CBS to start a new tv series....

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I would like to see the Voyager and Deep Space Nine series merged and then continue both series as if they were one.



That's a good idea AZK - then I wouldn't have to worry about two poor versions of ST out there to avoid - there would only be one!

Personally, I'm glad they are both demised and think it would be a big mistake reviving either of them, and can see no earthly reason why anybody at Paramount would want to do so. Both shows lasted a long time. Both ran out of steam. Both had poorly drawn characters and weak actors and neither will go down in the annals of TV history as being worthy of much comment.

Is this thread supposed to be about a NEW version of ST:TNG series? Virtually every zone on these boards asked the question about a new TV series. Do they all mean in general or specific to one of the five shows?

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I have to disagree that Frakes and Sirtis are too old. Stewart was around the same age in the movies, which is a perfect example that a Captian can be pushing 60. Also, look how long it took Riker to become a Captain... chances are he wouldn't be accepting an Admiral promotion anytime soon. A Titan series would be really cool. It's more a question of if they would WANT to do it.

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I'd love to see Star Trek back on the small screen the way it should be, sure the movie  ST-11 was great but it was very hollywood, the new series if there is one should return Trek to its roots, i wana see a series set about 10 years after Voyagers return to  Earth, that ud be cool!

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