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new star trek series?


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Report this Nov. 03 2010, 10:19 pm

Oh yeah! I'd love a new series! I'm one of the people who tries to accept anything star trek throws at me. Some people hate me for it, but, for instance, I had no probs with ST09. It was no where near as good as some other Trek movies, but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.


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Yes, there should be a new Star Trek series. It should be far in the future - beyond VOY. The ship should be capable of so much more, the cast much more futuristic, and take place in many more parts of space with many more aliens. Not so much as humanoid, but many different shapes and make up (such as liquid, gas, square or round, different bodily figures). I have a good name for the next series, some ideas, but am not allowed to descuss them here. I'm not going to write about them yet, until I hear more about what is being planned. But the draw of a new fan base along with keeping the old fan base would make Star Trek one of the biggest series in history. Since there is a very strong Star Trek following, and many fans and other people waiting for a new series to come out, Roddenberry Productions needs to show some interest in getting this done and not let it die off.


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star trek titan would be nice to watch. Riker would be an excellent captain. and it would be nice to put a few characters from voyagers and ds9 to add to the crew.


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Apparently the fan-made shortfilm Star Trek: Phoenix has a petition towards CBS to make it into a series.

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I personally would LOVE to see "Rikers in Space" bc it would b funny and its on the Titan. Plus Will would be a great captain.

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its going to be a while and a long study of the other incarnations of star trek before we can get another series. The writers are going to have to be very engrossed with ALL things Star trek to keep the continuity.


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however, I honestly think it can be done...

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An interesting and often visited part of Star Trek scriptology is the phenomenon of time travel. Since the sum of all the series and movies have visited the future, the present (kind of) and the past, there doesn't appear to be any anywhere else to go. Unlessssss ... someone writes a story about Star Trek and new "TEMPORAL MISSION". Perhaps a Star Fleet vessel and crew would be permanently assigned to righting the temporal wrongs which have been made by many civilizations over the last ten millenia. Just a thought. Cheers.


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Quote: /view_profile/ @

No, there should be no new series. We have had two white male captains. Then, the series correctly had a black captain, which is extremely good as the Bible doesn't tell people not to be black. Then, despite what the Bible says, they had a woman captain. What's next? Obviously if there was another series, they would have a sodomite captain. That would be highly sick. We would have to watch scenes of him waking up with his sodomite lover in their quarters, and giving each other little kisses as they passed in the hallway, and you know the wicked Hollywood perverts would make them do love scenes. No! No new series. There is enough wickedness in the world!

nobody cares what you think is wickedness, you've been posting the same stuff in alot of threads.

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Yes,I've been dieing for a new series. But for now i'm stuck watching Star Wars The Clone Wars.

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I was thinking about a new series, I like the Title: Star Trek The New Frontier, because it's like the gap between the old series and the Next Generation and it also has elements of the final frontier and the next generation built in. Plus with the gap between the last series and a new one it gives a good overall renewal theme that would promote a new show.

But I thought for a premise for the show would be a three prong approach. Have three sets of actors and settings, and each week would focus on one of those three, alternating subsequently.

The first group would focus on the Home Front, following a group of cadets through the academy and background elements like star fleet command and other locations on/around Earth. Plus a good way to get guest stars from prior shows.

The second group would be the Ship Show and would be like what we've seen before in previous Enterprises and Voyager and would follow the crew of a ship and their mission.

The third group would be the Station Show and would be like Deep Space Nine and follow the crew of a remote outpost in a stationary setting.

It would be a fresh approach to Star Trek and its presentation and each group wouldn't necessarily interact or meet. Of course it would be grander than what we've seen and likely more expensive to produce, but Star Trek needs a different kind of approach if they were to do a new series. I think doing another ship show or station show would be a hard sell and to satisfy all fans.

You have loyal DS9 fans but others that absolutely despise it. We haven't seen a dedicated Home Front show, so it would be nice to see that angle in a new series. But having all three in one would be a totally new focus for Star Trek.


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Based on population Christianity will die out in the next hundred years. Religion itself soon to follow, science is the only true constant in the universe.


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A new series would be great! What about making one with the crews from the ships in the novels, like the Enterprise-E, the Aventine or the Titan?

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Yeah, completely. I would like to see a new series a lot further in the future, maybe in the 28th century.


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I think it should wait till the film trilogy concludes.
One of Treks issues(though fans loved it) with the mainstream
was "oversaturation" and I feel trying to push another TV
series out while the films are still gaining momentum could
almost be too much. Let the films garner attention and
rebuild public interest in the franchise and then bring
a series out for those who end up sticking around for the
long run.

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