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new star trek series?

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I like the STAR TREK : STARFLEET idea that was posted because it already has merit since O'Brien was assigned there and so was Crusher. Janeway in Nemisis was also identified as an Admiral.

They could have all of the previous stars/characters in this show as recurring characters as needed through out a new crew's training. Also, there could be 3 different storylines going on at once that we as fans have never been able to see before.

New crew training: It could be that Picard is an Admiral yet Chanceller of the Academy. Riker is back as an instructor at the academy in which he used his experieinces on the Titan as training exercises for the new crew. Troi is there to evelauate the crew fit for duty and what ever else. We see DATA re-activated with the body of B4 and Data's information. Data is the Capt. of the training vessal and Wes is his #1. They take out the ensigns through training missions back and forth through DS9 and back. This way we get the explorations and space missions. We also get to see DS9 once in a while

New Ship Class built: Say O'brien and Geordi are incharge of building the new ship and we get to see the new technology being invented and the new shipe buing built. However during their development of the new ship, there is a new technology that they accidently come accross that rivals other cultures and factions. This ship was to be another exploration ship, but because of the nature of exploration ships getting intangled into scrimages with factions they wanted to make the ship able to withstand all attacks.

Earths space stations and ship manufacturing docks and the typical weakly attacks: And because there is a new class of ship being built and the new technology being discovered there are leaks to factions from Earth based spys and there can be intermitted attacks on the docking stations and attacks at Starfleet.


I don't think as fans we have had a lot of StarFleet/Earthbased action. With this new series everthing can go on at any time and it won't be the weekly war, weekly invasion, weekly exploration, or the same thing happening every week. I think with this type of variety, the ablity for the show to have any previous characters appear as needed, holodeck training using past examples flashbacking the previous shows, and having these holograms or Riker teaching a lesson while his memory going back to the Titan there would be tons of variety for the show to be written on. Also with the common story goal to trian the new crew for the new ship, we also are able to continue the journey. There would also be the personal aspects of the characters that has happened since V, Nemisis and the books. I think that could be a great direction for the franchise that wouldn't re-hash everything that has already been done.

Just my thoughts on this thread...if you all don't agree "YOU WILL BE ASSIMULATED, RESISTANCE IS FUTILE...LOL


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I would like to see a new series preferably with the cast of the new movie. Unfortunatly I highly doubt the whole cast would do a tv show but none the less I really liked ths new cast I thought thet were all good acters and really entertaining. I would personally like to see the story be post TNG and show a much deeper exploration of the galaxy which would reveal new alien species. If they did this and expanded the technology in the possesion of the crew they would have another amazing series.

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