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Way to get a NEW series in Star Trek Phoenix.


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Report this Aug. 20 2010, 12:36 pm

All right, I have been on here the past couple of months since they relaunched the site and the one thing I am getting from these boards is that we ALL (Star Trek fans in general) want a new TV series. 

I admit that I want one as well. I say that we stop trying to find ways to come up with ideas to have a series take place in the NuTrek Timeline and look forward to what we already know. Star off maybe 42 years after the events of Star Trek Nemesis and 35 years after the Destruction of Romulus with an a Totally different crew a NEW never before seen ship and in the Prime Universe none the less. Star Trek was about going into the future and I have just the series for that.

Star Trek Phoenix.

This show takes place 42 years after the event of Nemesis and 35 years after the Destruction of Romulus. It also gives a look at something so NEW with the new starship and a crew we have never seen before. Now I know that stuff about this very fan series has been posted on this board before but never has it had as much of a following as it does right now. Since it's launch it has garnered the attention of Trek stars like John Billingsley from Enterprise, Manu Intiraymi from Voyager and the latest Trek actor to follow and support Star Trek Phoenix, Robert Duncan McNeill who played Lt. Thomas Eugene Paris. 

Mr. McNeill has even supported Phoenix on his official Facebook page by not only linking the main website ( but also by adding the link to the NEW petition that was created to make this the sixth Star Trek series in one of the most celebrated franchise on this planet. Fans from all over the world have seen the pilot and 67 people thus far including Mr. McNeill have signed the petition. 

Will you be the next person to step up and join this journey? I hope so. View the pilot and if you like it and feel the same as the fans on Facebook and all over the world would you please sign your name to the petition and lets get a new series on the air. 

Joshua Heinrichs (Creator of the Fan efforts to get Star Trek Phoenix on TV)


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Report this Aug. 26 2010, 10:57 am


Earlier this week there was an article posted on about Phoenix and the Fan Campaign which you can read about in the article below.

Also, I would just like to say that we now have 334 signatures on our petition and it's only going to get bigger. This is for real and in no way a joke. Once the petition reaches one million signatures it will be going to Les Moonves and CBS Corp (the owners of the Television Rights for Star Trek) and hopefully we will get a new Trek series.

Joshua Heinrichs


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My idea? Set it in an Alternate Universe.

Take a cue from Gundam and make every new film or series, unless explicitly stated otherwise, occur in a separate universe.

The people in charge need to re-evaluate what is and is not necessary for Star Trek. Kirk is not necessary. Vulcans are not necessary. Nor are Klingons or Romulans or Borg or even the Enterprise.

All Star Trek really NEEDS is a "better future" and "exploration." Whether it's exploration of space, ala TNG, or exploration of the human condition, ala DS9. That's it. No more, no less. The more the franchise is constrained by all that came before, the harder it is to retain those two prime elements.


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I just watched "Cloak & Dagger, Part I", and I have to say, it was pretty awesome. The acting was slightly wooden at times, and I have no idea what is going on (maybe I shouldn't have been browsing these forums and chatting in IRC at the same time), but I certainly enjoyed it, and would have no objection to CBS adopting it and putting it on TV. We need a new Star Trek series, and this is the best fan series I've seen.

Matthias Russell

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The ship looks terrible. I'll stop there.


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The ship looks a little unusual compared to what we're used to, but it does seem to be, at least loosely, a logical evolution from designs we've already seen, and the visual effects as a whole are rather stunning.

Matthias Russell

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I did find the sets and cgi adequate and the stories and acting above average for fan work. But that is still far below professional value. As for the ship, I found Phoenix to be less graceful and more awkward looking than starfleet standard. There is also a post VOY look required for upcoming federation ships that will be following slipstream design theory.


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actually mathias if this series does become the next trek (though i kind of doubt it will), it will have a much better budget and will be able to improve on the CGI as well as the ship design greatly.

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Matthias Russell

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That would be true. The lawyers would have a field day with royalties, though.


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I'm sorry captain.joshua.heinrichs - but, whilst I admire your efforts and determination, and recognise that you have gained some support - just because you think something should be so, does not necessarily mean everybody agrees - be they studio execs on one side of the fence or fans on the other.

I have been a fan of Trek for more years than I care to reveal here and I think I know what would make a good show - and for reasons I posted on another related thread, Star Trek : Phoenix is not it. I would not sign a petition trying to persuade a TV network to take a fan show on board. It should be up to the professional executives (and perhaps Roddenberry's estate) to decide where Star Trek goes. If, however, you believe in fan power and fan democracy then a vote might be a good idea - as in who thinks ST-P is worth making into a reality ... and who doesn't. Read my other post and you'll see why I don't, even though I admire some of the techncal things on their website.

I'm afraid you can't just sit in your centre seat and say ... "make it so"

Oh and remember - in The Flight of the Phoenix the craft was reduced to one engine! I think any starship with just one nacelle and everybody hanging onto the wings is a bad idea ... especially in space!

However, despite my lack of support, I wish you all the best of luck.

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I watched the first part of Cloak and Dagger. I had no inclination to watch part 2. The story didn't hold me. The characters were either horrible or unoriginal. I won't comment on the FX, as I understand that you can only do so much with a limited budget.

All in all, no.

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Phoenix has potential, but they seem to have no long term production plans, they want to finnish 'Cloak And Dagger'part 2 and possibly a second episode but they seem to have no plans beyond that.

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Report this Mar. 23 2011, 1:40 pm

If you want people to sign this petition you need to advertise it better.  IE put it on facebook, twitter, and the  


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Report this Apr. 04 2011, 12:21 pm

I'm all for a NEW series in the existing canon and branching outward from that, anything else is NOT TREK. Phoenix has potential and I signed the petition just because I want a NEW series that's NOT The Academy or JJ Abrams.. I have to admit though that if this series does get canonized into an "Official " Trek I hope they get a better Capt. I'm sorry but a short Capt with a Lisp in NOT something I want to watch any longer then I have to. Hopefully, with the vast amounts of people who has grow with the canon there will be no shortage of good & new Trek's that are true to the original and that can still manage to atract new viewers.

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