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Would Capt. Pike Been Good If There Was No Kirk?


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.....''Book 'em, Spocko!!''

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Wouldn't have been the same without Shatner, not many actors could have owned the lead role the way he did.

If you can read this it means I've got something to work on here.


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Like all Television Shows, it is the right formula that makes it great. Without Kirk, Spock and McCoy, Star Trek would only have lasted 13 weeks. While "The Cage" is a great story, it is not a great pilot. It is no wonder it did not sell to the network execs at the time. Nothing in the show said action packed series to me. Which is what Star Trek had to be in order to sell to a network back in 1964. When the pilot was edited into the two-part episode "The Menagerie", that is when the pilot edited in its new form, with Captain Kirk, Spock, and McCoy became one of the best episodes of Star Trek. All television shows take a while to find their grove and figure out what they are good at. When Star Trek did the Menagerie parts one and two, the writers were able to look back on what they did and improve it, and work it into the then new Star Trek universe. 



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Quote: Kesfan74656 @ Aug. 28 2010, 1:32 pm

.....''Book 'em, Spocko!!''



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I really believe everything worked out for the best.  I am glad we have the two part episode The Menagerie and The Cage too but really everything worked out for the best.


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The Menagerie was awesome, but I havn't seen The Cage. I have to wait for Netflix to get it. BBlokbuster and Netflix do not have the Cage. It's not fair! I wanna see it!

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I always felt that the 24th century was in desperate need of more heroes because Kirk seemed to be their only hero so before ENT came along and Archer became a hero in his own right I became a bit partial toward Pike and always imagined he became a hero just as much as Kirk. It was a start though with TNG having a shuttlecraft named after Pike and DS9 had a city named after Pike and a medal of honor named after Pike.


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Quote: Kesfan74656 @ Aug. 16 2010, 9:51 pm

Chris Pike in XI comes off to me as a bit less rigid than the Hunter version, a bit more relaxed. Even in the novels, Hunter-Pike, that is one I recall, that featured a quite-older Jose Tyler, aboard the Enterprise A or refit, said 'He ran a tight ship'. That's not to say this one would be loose with the regs..but, I got a sense he was a bit more..colorful?...He of course had the full air of command and authority...But, he saw something in Kirk,perhaps, that in the novels, if I can ref non-canon here, Robert April recognized in a Jim Kirk of teen years, in ''Best Destiny'' something special. He told George Sr. in the book, ''He has a bit of the dirt in him'', i.e., Jim had that extra element of toughness-of an ability to hard-scrabble in a tight spot, that would be of great value as an officer someday. I wonder if, perhaps, this very part of that book-which was ref'd by the writers-inspire them to turn Pike into the mentor-encourager, who sees in Jim, and I think this is quite likely they did, the bulldog, smart kid who could be a huge asset to 'a peacekeeping armada'. Pike played a much more pivotal role here. He gave the galaxy Jim Kirk, and saved him from a mundane, dead-end future....

In ST X1, Pike quite different than from what we know from "The Cage". Remember, Pike PRIME was who he was through "The Cage" and as a Fleet Captain.

Pike in ST X1 never had any of those 10+ years of being Captain of the Enterprise, plus of all the missions and battles he got into. Pike in ST X1 is a completely different person.

It's like apples versus oranges.

Captain Pike is awesome in any version of Star Trek, and that's the bottom line. =D

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Frankly I don't think we can determine that for sure. Pike was only in command for one episode and then only came back in a wheel chair unable to talk. I don't really like him compared to Kirk but then again Picard was a bit of a jerk the first season or two before he mellowed out. Who knows what changes Pike would have underwent. I also think the Abrams' version of Pike is much better, much more defined and likable. And he's cool, and by cool I mean he's suave, knowledgable, tact, and tough. But again, is it really a fair comparison?

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ok hunter was great in the movies he did he was good being the hero! now shatner brought a style to the role as a human he was the hero but also had flaws like we all do. but hunter would not have been good playing his double evil pike in enemy within.he was to good of a guy.have to say william shatner was a better captain for the show! long live capt.Kirk.

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