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Would You Like If JJ Did A Remake Of Khan?


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Would You Like If JJ Did A Remake Of Khan?


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I would accept it, and would give the movie a shot.
But i would prefer that he didn't. He wanted to make
STAR TREK his own and he did that. Now, let's see what
he can do with it. I hope they go with something bigger.


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If they did do it, I'd like to see Kirk and Khan face to face, rather than accross a viewscreen.......Also I'd like to see Khan dialogue with other members of his crew, other than just that one guy!

Doc Velocity

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Oh. My. God.


Please, dear God, let us NOT fall into the trap of recycling and remaking old TOS scripts in this new Abrams Star Trek universe.  As I've said before, this is a chance to break free and make GOOD MOVIES for a change, rather than those limping, 90210 series and movies that fed off of Star Trek continuity from years past.

This is a chance to INVENT NEW SCRIPTS and NEW CHARACTERS and NEW ADVENTURES, as long as we can get away from the stodgy and stuffy TNG mold.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Khan.  I loved Space Seed, loved the whole concept of the original script.  Incredible vision, my friends.  I mean, Roddenberry was already addressing the consequences of tampering with the human genome.  In the late 1960s.

And, my God, we got to see ANOTHER SPACE SHIP (Botany Bay) in the same frame with the Enterprise.  WOW.  Mind-boggling.

And I LOVED The Wrath of Khan for many reasons expressed elsewhere on this site.

But, people, The Wrath of Khan was ALREADY a remake of 2 previous TOS episodes: Space Seed and Balance of Terror.

So, what are you suggesting?  An Abrams remake of a classic remake of two old TOS episodes?  COME ON, already, with paying tribute to TOS.

It's time to explore the OTHER 100 billion stars in our galaxy, already.  We've done ENOUGH remakes.

— Doc Velocity


— Colloquially expressed, but ALWAYS correct.


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Personally, I'm over the whole Khan character (and the Eugenics). I would prefer TPTB move on to othter villains. Who that will be and what their back story will entail...well the writers will have to come up with that. That is what they get the big bucks for afterall. ;)

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Jim Kirk

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Kahn is my favorite villian, I love the whole story behind Kahn.  But... I say leave it alone.   bring on some new characters new villians, new ideas.


Jim Kirk

Kang - "Only a fool fights in a burning house"


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Leave it alone there are to many remakes in Hollywood. I would like to see new stories about our favorite crew.


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I think that the Star Trek Beta world has to make its own way. Star Trek 2009 employed “our” Spock and the alt-universe Spock to bridge us to the alternate universe. Outside of having Shatner in a cameo (maybe as a hologram) as Kirk, it would be to the franchise’s benefit to carve new story lines.


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That, my friends, would be 'touchier than a raw antimatter pile...'.....

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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no. let's have something new like the new crew fighting cybernetic transforming robot zerglings or something.

"take us out"...


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If they have to stay in the Abramsverse, I would rather they were at least original. Khan could appear—after all, if the mirror universe is anything to go on, the alternate universe will have copies of everyone—but I would rather they came up with a different story. The whole point of the new universe was to start again with a clean slate, and it's difficult to do that if you just make all the same stories again.

Matthias Russell

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Don't know if I'd like it, but I am hoping for and expecting his version of space seed. However, I don't think Abrams is interested in remakes.

Matthias Russell

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I'll drink to the first 2! But ohhhh god, please not v'ger! 30 years later we still know where the voyager spacecrafts are and they will not encounter any black holes any time soon.


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Quote: Kesfan74656 @ Aug. 19 2010, 2:55 pm

That, my friends, would be 'touchier than a raw antimatter pile...'.....

Well put, I know classic trekies who's heads would explode. Would all depend on who they cast a Kahn, you can't just replace somebody like Montalban, he has WAY to much presence on screen. I think it could be cool, but you would have to cover Space Seed and the Wrath all in one movie.

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