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Which Star Trek Character Reminds You of Your Best Friend?


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Honestly, I would have to say that William Riker reminds me most of both my closest best friends. Both of them are very proud, very opinionated, loyal, and while they have a bit of an ego they don't let it cloud their minds. They have a good sense of right and wrong and always try to make the best decision not just for themselves but others around them.

Though I will say that one of them while reminding me of Riker reminds me a lot of Worf too. Very concerned with what would honor her and her family, too quick to react sometimes but also knows when to admit that she's wrong.


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Outside of my friend John's uncanny, physical resemblance
to Brent Spiner/DATA, I haven't made an experiment of comparing
anyone I know to STAR TREK characters. Sometimes, I do recognize
art imitating life, where what Picard's going through in one show
might remind me of what someone else is dealing with at the time.
But yes, even John can't deny how much he looks like an android ...


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ive got a set of twins that im good friends with. One of them is a lot like riker and the other isnt (couldn't find a St char to compare him to)


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I'd say Tom Paris. He never has had a problem attracting the ladies, always was a pretty daring guy. Once, when we were a lot younger, he was into motorcycles, and had one for a while. I, foolishly, got on back once, and he rode me up the hill from my house to his, and I almost got clotheslined when we ducked under one!! AAAGH...

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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harry kim reminds me of my friend. Also reminds me of me. :)

"take us out"...


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My poor best friend reminds me of Data......of course he also reminds me of Beaker off the Muppet show sometimes........good thing he's a biology professor.

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