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Why Do You Think In Voyager They Never Had No Mirror Universe?


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Quote: Kesfan74656 @ Aug. 21 2010, 10:45 am


>NAH. It was, actually,' caused' in the episode in which that DQ species created their own Doctor-Tenor 2.0, and said holocreation hit that BIG HIGH NOTE ....I could consult my Voyager Companion to clarify the ep, but, I'n sure another STV fan will be able to clarify that, anyway... 



The episode was Virtuoso. The species was the Qomar. 


A good quote from the episode:

"Doctor, or do you prefer Maestro?"

"Oh, please, either is acceptable."

"Well, then, let me make it clear to both of you. Maestro, you're finished for today. Doctor, report to Sickbay. Now."

- Captain Janeway and The Doctor

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See, told you!...Thanks, BoS...But, hey, I refuse to deduct STV fan points for not coming out with that! LOL.. I Do remeber the species..and the woman from that species who was so enamored with the good Doc was named Tincoo.

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