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Did Kirk's death totally piss you off as it did me?


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It was like the directors where trying to kill him off fast or rushed no care went into it it was like "Oooooooh lets kill kirk off and make it look like crap" he should have had like, a dedication statue and a BIG funeral. It was too bad that it sucked and he's buries on a lonely planet in the middle of nowhere! jst thinking avout it makes me sad :....(


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Oh great. Then we would have had to sit through a statue dedication scene with a bunch of boring speeches.

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i think the death of kirk was kinda lame writing. actually, i thought the whole nexus thing was pretty lame. spock and khan was well written while seartch for spock i guess an end to the means, wrapping it up.  kirks was to minute in circumstance to be worth the end of such a big charactor. I dont talk to much about st5, the seartch for god.    as i said before...all in all...every series. ...   there were some episodes that would have made better movies, and in turn about, some movies that should have been mediocure episodes.


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It wasn't as bad as killing off Spock.  But it's SciFi in Hollywood - anything can happen.

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