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Would You Be A Borg Or A Klingon?


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Would You Be A Borg Or A Klingon?


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I'd be a Klingon, good food, blood wine, nasty women. On the other hand, I don't think the Borg would give me a choice!


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Hmm... Mindless drone or honorable warrior... tough choice

James T. Kirk

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I'd be a Klingon.


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Klingon. Though some of there views are skewed and they are transfixed on the importance of honor, they are still a great race. Why anyone would want to be a Borg is beyond me...



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Klingon, no question. But, if you look at someone-like Seven-who spent the greatest part of her life being a member of the Collective, and, from her perspective-seeing it not as a horror, but a vast asset...which Kathryn herself admitted the appeal of..''You were part of a vast consciousness..BILLIONS of minds, working together, no conflicts, no doubts....and you've lost that...'' WHY in all the universe could anyone, you might say, want to be a Borg....and, if one so inducted could turn back around after, and leave, I am sure most would-but, what I am getting at is...if you look deeply enough, and many people in our many, in your own neighborhood, on your own block, in your city...are feeling as if they are so very alone? That they aren't connected to anyone, or anything? That noone cares, and they feel so disconected, disenfranchised..what if someone came along, and promised them that they could not only be a part of a 'vast community', where their own talents, perhaps never tapped before, or recognized by the greater world, would be utilized for a gretaer good-that THEY would be deeply important, to the future of that 'community' many people might well say, ''Where do I sign up'...of course, without understanding that, without one's individuality, no matter how difficult, what is life?...Okay, that was terribly philosophical...but it does to me seem to ring true. I am part of a 'Collective', too...where, and here I am being quite serious, and personal...I come closest to feeling like I 'fit in'. And I strongly suspect I am not alone in that sentiment.....BTW..if any of you Borg out there are monitoring this..AIN'T INTERESTED!!!..LOL....

''If I were captain, i'd open every crack in the universe, and peek inside, just like Captain Janeway does''-Kes, ''The Cloud''


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I wouldnt want to be a Borg but the klingons are pretty lame too. They will tell you about honor right as they stab you in your back. For an honorable warrior race they seem to be bad at both. So its either be a mindless drone or be a walking contradiction.


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The female Klingons are a blast. I'd be a "b'elanna."

It's strange, being a catalyst for things that move outside.


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klingon. who wants to be a robot zombie

"take us out"...


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Borg are my fav aliens, but if I was to choose, I'd go for Klingon. Anyone who picks Borg needs to visit Counselor Troi for some... counseling.

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