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Star Trek 12, Will You See It or The Batman Movie When They Go Head To Head In 2012?


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Quote: MichaelRiker @ Oct. 27 2010, 8:01 pm

Quote: Thommy @ Oct. 25 2010, 7:18 pm

I set up a countdown site for the next movie at

I hope that you were not expecting "Star Trek"



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DEFINATELY STAR TREK 12! I'm not really a fan of batman, I've casually seen The Dark Night on tv, and I will eventually watch the new batman movie, but probably only on TV. The only movies I really go to the cinemas for are Star Trek and a few others.


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Star TRek...never been a super hero fan

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Quote: JaydenJaneway @ Oct. 27 2010, 6:20 pm

Batman does not even come close to star trek and shouldn't ever be compared. the batman movies got worse as they went on. but if the next star trek movie is still about kirk and that crew, then i don't want to watch it either.

Batman got worse as it went on? TDK is one of the best movies of any genre, by itself it grossed more than the last 7 trek movies combined


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As for the next Star Trek movie reincarnation, I will definately go and see it. One thing about this next movie we need the writers directors and producers to make sure they come up with something original that was not covered in the original tv series. At the same time they have to keep with the time line they have now created,but of course as we all know the one prime directive for time travel can always be broke.

I don't know how others feel, but the way the DS9 series ended, and the alternate universe they used based loosely on the original series Mirror Mirror could be an interesting story.    


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I will DEFINITELY be seeing the new Star Trek. I never have cared anything about Batman.

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hopefully ill be seeing the new batman but star trek comes absolute first in films ill be seeing

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I'll see both. Star Trek first if at all possible.

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My interest in Batman has never gone past the 1960s American television series. *shrug*

I am eager to see the next Star Trek film!


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Damn right I'll go and see it. Don't like Batman

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As I have the movie poster and opening day movie ticket for every Star Trek film made to date I got no choice. Much as I'd like to just wait for the Blu-Ray release I have to keep my collection going.

As for Batman, yeah that's a Blu-Ray release movie.

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both. that was easy, batman on thursday @ midnight (seen both begins and tdk on opening night)  star trek 12 on friday! 

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As harsh a critic as I've been toward Star Trek XI I would still go see any Star Trek movie in the theater before Batman. I think I will still go see Batman though I just like Star Trek better.

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