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Star Trek 12, Will You See It or The Batman Movie When They Go Head To Head In 2012?


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So Star Trek 11 was a great movie and i think star 12 will be great but anyone know what the store will be like?


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Oh, absolutely no question, Trek 12!If it's anything as appealing as 11, and I am pretty sure it will be, save me a seat in the cineplex now....I haven't even seen ''The Dark Knight''(One of a few, maybe, and I'd watch it gladly on regular tv) and it wasn't until some time back I saw the first reboot film on network tv. Now, if magically all the film tech and writing  talent got tossed back to the seventies(When I was a HUGE comics fan) it'd have been, ''Well, which one first?'' They missed me a few decades on the new Batman, did catch the Keaton, etc on tv in years past....

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Trek hands down. I've never been into batman, and even if I were, nothing compares to Trek.

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I hear that, ServalanFan!


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If I had to choose one or the other, then XII would win, but I would like to see
Batman, too, and plan to. In the past, Trek movies have been more consistently satisfying than have Batman movies, and I'm a bigger fan of Trek than of the caped crusader.


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Quote: NCC1701RS @ Aug. 13 2010, 4:19 pm

So Star Trek 11 was a great movie and i think star 12 will be great but anyone know what the store will be like?

Not to sound like a smart ass, but only the writers know at this point. I think they are hoping to have the script done by December.


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No question, Star Trek 12!!! I like Batman, but I don't goto Batman conventions and this is not a Batman website.


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No competition for me. I'll be seeing XII.

I haven't kept up with the latest Batman reboot movies beyond "Batman Begins". I'll catch "The Dark Knight" and the next movie someday on DVD/TV.

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They're re-booting Batman again?

No more Mr. Freeze, please.

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does spock have pointed ears?

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I'd like to see both, but Star Trek is more of a favoite (oh, had a funny dream once after watching the old 60s batman film, where the tv series met the original Star Trek, ooh imagine that LOL?)


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If they do make another Batman I'll see that..I'm finished with JJ abrams and his STUPID version of Star Trek, I  hope the movie tanks.


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Batman defenitly, and Trek later, I`m a trekie, have alwayse been, didn`t like Trek #1, hated #5, and #11 thought it was stupid, could have had potential with somebody else at the helm, when they do, if they do it right, I`ll be first in line at the opening again.

Doc Velocity

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Anyone who has to make a decision between Batman and Star Trek isn't a Star Trek fan.  For that matter, if you can't see the genius of Start Trek XI, you aren't a Star Trek fan, either.

I look at it like this... Every ST series has had its own share of suck-ass episodes.  Did you give up on TOS because of Spock's Brain, for godsake?  No, you didn't.   Did you wish that TNG had "tanked" after you suffered through The Naked Now?  Yecchhhh.  No, you didn't.

Did you give up on the James Blish books when you discovered the bastard had not faithfully transcribed TOS episodes but had blatantly rewritten them??  With new endings??? Man.  I remember wanting to stage a hunger strike.

But no, you don't give up on Star Trek.  You don't have to make a decision about seeing new Star Trek films or series.  The thought doesn't enter your mind, unless you're a retard who doesn't understand Star Trek to begin with.  LOL


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TDK is one of the best movies of all time, ST 11 isnt even the best trek movie. If could only see one it would be batman but im sure ill see them both opening weekend.

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