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Would you Want To Live In The 23rd Century Or 24th?


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24th Century is way cool you had the borg but i did love the 23rd Century because you had kirks crew.


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23rd, things still required more work. The phasers and communicators were cooler. There weren't counsellors on the bridge so the job was done with less whinning.


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23rd. The design of the ships, uniforms, equipments...the pioneering spirit.

Yeah, I'll take the 23rd.



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I would want to live in the 23rd because the uniforms are better and there are so many things that we would see for the first time since it is not too far after we could go past lightspeed. Also I would want to meet Captain Kirk and Spock.


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I would live in the 23rd century. Starfleet is more of a military organization, better ships, better lookin weapons/uniforms, do some actual exploring where the motivation of exploring is your own and not because you're hurled 70,000 lightyears from home.

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The twenty-fourth.

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24th century has more advanced technology than 23rd, obviously... better ships etc.


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Definitely the 24th Century. :-D

The technology available and other advancements (medical, diplomatic, etc.) would be too much to pass on.

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I'd have to say the 23rd. The ships were better, uniforms, and I wouldn't mind meeting Kirk and Spock, haha.

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Late 23rd century, so I could wear those cool red uniforms.

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