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Autograph signing prices?

Kronos One

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Just a quick question: Does anyone know how much cast members charge for autograph signings? It's just that William Shatner and Michael Dorn are coming up here to Toronto for FanExpo 2010 and I was interested in getting their signatures for the first time (which I'm sure might cost a pretty penny).

So does anyone have knowledge of autograph fees? Some advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Shatner's will be pretty expensive, probably around $80 or so. Michael Dorn usually charges around $30-35.  (That's US dollars, I don't know what the Canadian rate would be.)

Unfortunately, FE, eBay has changed the convention scene forever. People use to get autographs for free at a lot of cons. But in the late '90s, some con goers would get a bunch of autographs from the same actor, then sell them for big bucks online. When the actors, and con organrizer's got wise to what was happening, the "autograph ticket" was born. But on the good side, it does guarantee that the actor will be signing. This wasn't always the case back in the '80s and '90s. It wasn't uncommon for some actors to show up, speak and leave without doing any autographs or photos.

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Forgot to mention that Mr. Nimoy required $60 for signings when he came to town last year, so I guess little might change now that it's Shatner's turn. Figure I'll settle with Michael Dorn so long if he stays within a reasonable price. (not that I'm cheap or anything, but I was hoping to splurge most of my money on the convention merchandise...)

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