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Report this Aug. 06 2010, 3:31 pm

Is any one else still sad that they never qiute ended this episode on high note?I am. I think they should have wrote an ep in last seson to make us fans happy, not to mention poor Geordi. Well when ds9 was still on the air i did submit a script about someone coming out of the wormwole with the lost SF files from Gerodi's mom ship and how she and another crew man escaped in pod rom the BOrg that got stranded in that Quadron and helped the native  people on the planet battle against the Jem Hadar and became models and heroes for them but which took their lives but made a deal with the head huncho there to make it through the wormhole and give them their sf files and tell the story. It was all in flaskbacks format and  Geordi was there in Sisko's  office hereing it in person. It was rejected though.


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