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Las Vegas Star Trek Convention


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You quite welcome TB! I had a blast meeting my fellow fans there. As you may or may not know I met Yanks and Scooby! So that truly was the high point of the convention.

Yes the pic was taken Thursday as were the rest of them since I was only there for the day.

Ms. Chase Masterson who is in the pic with me is a lovely lady. She played Rom's wife Leeta and was the main Dabo girl on DS9.


Leeta! Ack! I couldn't remember the character's name... *eyesroll* Yup. I saw the pic of you, the Aenar, Scoobs and Yanks! Yanks looked like a 10 year old with a free pass to a toy store! LOL! What fun!!! I'm anxious to hear (read) more. Too bad you folks can't post pics here < sarcastic. Although, folks need to learn how to edit the size of pics before posting. If I change the resolution to see the whole pictures, I can't read the text.. lol... I'm just so happy for you folks who were able to go, even for a single day. YAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I posted instructions on how to post images on the Enterprise board.

Peace through superior firepower....


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Hi! i'm still new, and found out about at the con. If this is not where I can converse with my new fellow trekkies/trekkers (i'm sure i'll know how to differentiate soon enough)where should I go? I had a supreme blast at the con this past weekend. It was so amazing hanging out with a bunch of people who shared the same interest in Star Trek. Needless to say, I can't wait until next year. LLAP


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I removed the post. It was a bit strong and I didn't want to give the wrong impression. I had a great time at the Con! Can't wait for next year! :-)


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I agree with all of you. Maybe I was just expecting too much from worries. He's still my fav of Trek lore! And guess what...I just found out that my video won and was screened last Thursday (foot in mouth now!) I had no idea as I was there Saturday. It made my day and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you again! Take care my fellow fans!


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Sounds like the convention was a blast. I've never been to one yet, we were supposed to go this year but it didn't work out. I'm going to start saving for next year. Does anyone have any good tips on attending the convention? Much appreciated.

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