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Best Federation Starship


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AAAGH!! Too many choices!! So, I'll just do a list...Voyager, the 1701, the Enterprise-E, the NX-01, Churchiprise, the D, Defiant....

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2009 constitution class

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My top 3: 1)Constituion Class Alternate- It has a race car feel to it and has cool weapons effects. 2) Defiant Class- Warships are cool I would love a cloaking device to play with as well. 3)USS Kelvin- Its just cool, interior has a retro 40's feel and it has defensive systems that opens up for incoming torpedoes. Awesome


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intrepid class


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I choose the SOVIERGN class. Same weak warp core just in a better lookin body.

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best to be USS RELIANT..NCC-1864 and USS ENTERPRISE..NCC-1701...any day


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The Oberth is the coolest-looking class of ship. But, of course, the newest is usually considered the best.

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I like them all but if I had to choose..... Voyager its just so cool, moving warp naceles, lands on planets, phasers coming from around the hull its awesome.
second choice would be Enterprise E.
third choice would be the Wrath Kahn style enterprise.
fourth would be NX-01 (something about the basics,strikes me as cool)
Fifth would be TOS

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for war time it is the Prometheous and the Defiant all the way. For exploring, the Galaxy and Sovern class is on the top.

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stargazer. by far. four warp nacells? yes please. if only it werent such a hideous color




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"Danube" class ship. In fact, I wish there was a whole family of runabout-style ships, from"Danube" size, to something approaching the size of those old WWII DE ships, the "tin can" ships. I like the single-hull style (no primary/secondary hull stuff for these small ships), with over-head warp sled & nacelles, and frontal cockpit. I think of such ships as "one-deck" ships (for personnel), with one deck below, for cargo (like airliners), or equipment (for assigned away teams), or instrument packages (for science/surveilance missions), or ordinance (for attack/defense/escort missions).


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I thought that the USS Relativity is pretty cool


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I like the Sovereign class - it always looked pretty sleek.

If I can pick from non-canon ships, the Vesta-class looks pretty cool (and, no, that's not just because of who captains one).

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